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This is a community website serving the Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown areas of Bath. Some basic aims of the website are:
* To show people that there are things to be proud of in our community.
* To provide information about local resources that are a help to residents.
* To speak up over issues of social justice in the community.
* To gather and make available information on the local history of South West Bath.
In addition to this website there is an associated Proud of Twerton Facebook group that regularly sends out news to over 200 people. If you are a local resident, then why not join?

Proudof Twerton

Bath City Football Club’s Community Day 24/03/14

What a wonderful day! Bath City FC turned their match against Chelmsford City into a Community Day, when everyone could watch the game at Twerton Park in return for a donation at the gate...read more

Twerton pub raises money for disabled members of the Armed Forces 16/02/13

Funds for disabled or injured members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, have been raised for a second year by a pub in Twerton...read more

Volunteering at Action on Hearing Loss 16/02/13

Action on Hearing Loss at Poolemead House, Twerton, provides care and support to people who are Deaf and Deafblind with extra support needs... read more

Community Orchard planting at Bath City Farm 01/03/14

Last weekend volunteers were doing the heavy spadework needed to grow an orchard on the slopes of Bath City Farm...read more

Proudof Twerton
Proud of Twerton