News in April 2009, part 2

Friends of Roundhill

On Tuesday evening, a public meeting was held in the YMCA building at Southdown, to discuss the prospect of setting up a Friends of Roundhill group to maintain and promote the environment of the hill as a resource for the community.
Of the sixteen residents who came to the meeting, four people put themselves forward to form the new group.
Together with Councillors Paul Crossley and Dine Romero, that makes a body of six people able to listen to the community and influence the management of Roundhill.

Joe, 25/04/09

Southside’s got talent

The Egg Theatre in Bath was last night the venue for a talent show by young people from the Southside Youth Centre.

A lot of people from Whiteway and Twerton came to watch the show, which began with a film of the youth centre beamed across the back of the stage.
The show had local rap artist El Nino as host and was supported with displays by one or two teenagers from the Riverside Youth Centre near Snowhill.
The perfomances, which were mainly rapping, street dance and comedy, were enjoyed by a happy and excited audience.
The line up of young stars were: El Nino; Southside Street Dance by Jess, Jen and Ami; P.Dot, Celery Guy and Lyrical Star; Lil Banksie and 2 Serious Minds; Comedy George; Blah and Marksy; T-Dot; and YMJ.
Bring on the next talent show from Southside!

Joe, 24/04/09

Celebration at the Southside Centre

The Southside Youth Centre hosted a celebration yesterday to mark the launch of an £2 million project to develop this important community resource.
Young people served drinks from the new youth cafe and a new patio for barbecues was used for the first time.
Some groups came to put on displays and activities to make it a special occasion. Music equipment was brought across from the Riverside Centre on the London Road and young people from Walcot, Twerton and Whiteway did some rapping.
One of the rappers is called El Nino and he is pictured below. He has an album coming out next month.


Workers from Bath Area Play Project organised a couple of craft activities for the children, while volunteers who run the boxing club which meets at the youth centre, gave some demonstrations and manned the barbecue.
Many young people are developing skills at the centre. Some teenagers take the Food Hygiene Certificate which is done using laptop computers. And on April 22nd the youth centre will be putting on a performance called Southside’s Got Talent at The Egg Theatre.
The Police Youth Strategy Officer, Simon Selby (pictured above left) came along to the celebration. He said that it had been a fantastic evening with a great blend of people – adults and youngsters. He had been made to feel very welcome and would be back again.
You can see a short video clip of the event here. More photos: Louise & Chin, poster

Joe, 18/04/09

Southdown PACT, 15th April

It was good to go to the Southdown PACT meeting on a spring evening instead of one of those dark winter nights. The meetings give voice to the community and it’s interesting to hear the views of other residents that come along.
Councillor Paul Crossley gave an update on the proposed “Friends of Roundhill” group. A meeting has been arranged for 21st April at 7pm, in the YMCA building at the bottom of Roundhill.
The latest on efforts to put a post office counter in the Mount Road Co-op, is that Post Office management has asked for evidence of local need and evidence that trade has suffered from the loss of the old post office. Sign a petition to support the campaign here.
Environmental Manager Bruce Bennett reported that litter bins have been installed at The Hollow, Rosewarn Park and the footpath at Blagdon Park.
There were complaints of difficult and dangerous traffic conditions in connection with deliveries to the Tesco store and customers parking at Englishcombe Lane. The suggestion of a pedestrian crossing to Tesco was put forward by one person.


The PACT was held at Southdown Methodist Centre

Councillor Crossley indicated that the footpath across Hillcrest Field is still under investigation. It has been upgraded several times in the past only to degenerate again. One individual felt that better drainage in the field was needed to help preserve the path.
Jenny Jacob, the manager of Culverhay Sports Centre, spoke of a possible initiative to provide evening football and basketball sessions in the outdoor courts, giving young people an activity they can do in the week.


Left: Bee orchids grow at Roundhill; right: Culverhay Sports Centre

There was a brief update on the work of RE:generate in supporting the Whiteway community to set up resident-led initiatives. The door-to-door work, listening to local people and getting them involved, is continuing as before. Some residents are interested in joining forces with the Council in schemes to clean up the area.
There were further concerns over traffic issues. One resident showed a petition he was collecting to reduce the yellow lines around Avondown House at The Hollow. This would ease parking and traffic flow problems at Langdon Road. Someone else asked that the junction between Mount View and Roundhill Grove be looked at with regard to safety.
Then it was time to vote for which of the above priorities should be addressed. These turned out to be: 1) Football and basketball at Culverhay Sports Centre; 2) Pedestrian crossing to Tesco; 3) Speed gun surveys; 4) Activities for all ages.

Joe, 15/04/09

Good Friday Cross Walk

The Cross Walk is an annual ceremony that has continued in our part of the city for something like 40 years.
On Good Friday, churches from the Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown areas meet up with churches from Oldfield Park and Englishcombe Village at the top of Roundhill. A cross is carried from each area and positioned on top of the hill.

The ceremony brings local churches together on a day of the calendar when Christians remember what Jesus went through for us. This year some hymns were sung as usual and the crowd turned to the north, east, south and west to pray for the city.
Facing north, we prayed for all the residents of Bath including the many students. Facing east, we prayed for the pupils at Culverhay School, giving thanks for the enthusiasm of young people and asking that they would find something extra in life from Jesus Christ.
Facing south, we prayed for all people who live in the countryside. Facing west, we prayed for Southdown, Whiteway and Twerton, for anyone suffering from not being able to find work – that they will find the hope that comes from Jesus which can never be taken away.

Joe, 10/04/09

Easter play sessions

Free play sessions organised by Bath Area Play Project are taking place across Bath for the Easter period.
Each play session lasts from 10am to 3pm. Designed for children aged 5 to 12 years, the sessions include games, arts and crafts, cooking and sports.
In Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown the remaining sessions are:
St Barnabas Church Hall, Mount View, Southdown – Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th April.
Southside Youth Centre, Kelston View, Whiteway – Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April.
The Hut, Newton Road, Twerton – Friday 17th April. (For play sessions at The Hut you need to book in advance.)
For more information phone 01225 832479.

Joe, 09/04/09


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