News in April 2010, part 1

Southdown and Whiteway PACT

A PACT meeting for Southdown and Whiteway was held at St Barnabas Church last Wednesday.
The three priorities voted to be actioned were: 1) Resurfacing of roads; 2) Young people hanging out behind The Beehive Surgery; 3) Vehicles that deliver to the Co-op at Mount Road damaging parked cars.
The meeting was again the scene of disagreements between police and residents over whether or not Southdown Road (pictured below) is a hotspot for speeding motorists.
The police point out that they have monitored the road many times using special equipment and have not found speeding to be an issue.

Residents, however, feel that they know speeding is a problem because they see it going on. From their perspective, the checks are faulty because they are done at the wrong place or time, or because motorists slow down on seeing the equipment.
The dispute highlights one of the weaknesses of the PACT process: the lack of resident involvement in developing solutions to problems. At the last PACT meeting, some residents volunteered to do a Community Speedwatch.
A Speedwatch would have enabled residents to either prove that speeding is an issue, or to find out for themselves that it is not – depending on the reality.
But the idea was not followed up and now residents go on protesting about speeding because that’s all they can do.

Joe, 18/04/10

Transition Bath

Transition Bath is a group that cares both about the environment and our future. The group supports making the move to a low-carbon local economy and developing a positive, more self-reliant community. Transition Bath will be showing films on these topics at The Dolphin Pub, every Tuesday from April 27th.
The group has also started organising monthly socials in the Lounge at the back of The Bell in Walcot Street, on the last Monday of the month. Meet with others who are aware of the need for a transition from a time of cheap and abundant oil to a time of scarce and expensive oil. Arrive at 7pm for 7.30pm and bring food to share if you want to eat.

Information from Afrel Pounds, 12/04/10

Photos of Whiteway

Here are some photos of Whiteway by Mr John Rawlings. The top photo is of a new tree to replace the one that was recently cut down at Whiteway Circle, near the bus stop. The bottom photo is of a double rainbow over Haycombe Drive.



Click on the pictures to see them large size.


Photos by John Rawlings, 07/04/10

Young people’s art project

The young lady in the picture is painting a practice panel on the hoarding near the play area at the end of Newton Road. It is ahead of an event pencilled in for next Tuesday 6th or Wednesday 7th April, depending on the weather.

The event is aimed at local youngsters and the idea is for them all to paint a panel. The young lady is part of the event and the word “Penny” on the hoarding refers to Pennyquick.

News and photo by John Rawlings, 05/04/10


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