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Firewalking at The White Horse

Regulars of The White Horse Pub in Twerton demonstrated mind over matter on Saturday, when they performed some hair-raising stunts led by a company from Manchester called Firewalking Dreams.
The first activity was the firewalking. A log fire had been burning in the car park and participants were taught how to walk over the embers with bare feet.
The embers were really hot and the supervisor said that at night they would be glowing bright red. You had to walk across them quickly, looking straight ahead. People doing the activities were sponsored to raise money for Dorothy House.

The next activity was arrow breaking using standard archery arrows. The point of the arrow goes into the soft part of your throat and the other end fits into a wooden board. If you focus and step forward, you should be able to break the arrow.
The bar bending was similar. The two ends of a steel reinforcement bar were placed between the necks of two participants, who were able to bend the bar by walking forward.

There were other good things going at the pub: face painting, live music and a barbecue. Above is a photo of Amy and Susie working behind the bar. You can see a video of the event by clicking on the top photo.

Joe, 31/08/09

Bits and pieces, 28th August


BMX racing

BMX bike racing will be taking place on Sunday 6th September at Bath BMX Track, The Tumps, Chelwood Drive, Odd Down. Registration is at 10am and racing at 12 noon. This event includes trade stands, refreshments, trophies and a raffle.


BMX racing at Odd Down

Newcomers are welcome and can prepare by attending the gate practice and barbecue on 5th September at 12 noon at the same venue. For more information visit or phone 07980 543462.


A five-a-side football tournament will be held on Saturday 12th September at St Marks School, Fairfield Park, between 10am and 2pm. Although it is five-a-side at least 6 players are needed. The two age catagories are under-14s and under-17s. Telephone Southside Youth Centre on 01225 423218 to book in your team.

Quiz league

We’ve received a message inviting pubs and organisations to enter the Somerset Winter Quiz League. This has several divisions with the one relevant to our area being the Bath and District Quiz League.

Joe, 28/08/09

Twerton PACT, 24th August

Monday’s PACT meeting at Twerton had another good turnout of about 40 residents. The meeting began with a discussion of what progress had been made on priorities raised at the previous PACT meeting.
Environmental Manager Bruce Bennett, said that he had tried hard to persuade Somer Housing of the need for a communal skip at Redland Park, as a way to reduce fly tipping. But this initiative will probably not take place due to health and safety implications and cost (about £600 per large skip).


The clear up at Redland Park a few weeks ago

PCSO Martyn Newman said that councillors had agreed for more bollards to be installed at Newton Road, and police had monitored Wedgewood Road, Newton Road, Twerton High Street, and Kelston View for speeding motorists and had performed stop checks.
He also said that action has been taken over individuals riding on motorbikes around alleyways at Redland Park. Police have visited the homes of culprits, conducted vehicle inspections and warned that the bikes could be confiscated.
Residents disagreed that this had made much difference. They complained that the police do not come out when called, or when they do come out, the motorbike riding starts again shortly after they leave. PCSO Newman pointed out that police have to treat calls in order of urgency.
Dorothy Miley who manages parking services, said that the dangerous problem of motorists turning right at the junction of Connexion Road with Twerton High Street, requires a traffic regulation order to enforce the ‘no right turn’. This takes a long time due to the legal process and cost. Councillor Tim Ball said that residents should keep communicating the danger to the authorities, or it will drop to the bottom of their priorities.
Tim Ball said that in the autumn he will be consulting residents of parts of Twerton to see whether they want grasscrete installed by the roadside. The grasscrete is a sort of concrete that has holes to let grass grow through. It stops ruts appearing when motorists park on the verges.
The second part of the meeting discussed what issues people wanted tackling next. Residents expressed concerns over the derelict buildings at Pennyquick View. The wooden hoarding and security guard were seen as inadequate to prevent obscene graffiti and destructive behaviour going on.


Left: hoarding erected at Pennyquick View; Right: one variety of grasscrete

There were also concerns over the state of Pennyquick Park. People were angry that representatives from Somer Housing were not present at the meeting, and suggested that Somer be encouraged to attend the PACT meeting as a priority.
Some people wanted the efficiency of rubbish collections improved. PCSO Newman recommended that the issue of motorbikes at Redland Park be reintroduced as a a priority for further work to be carried out.
We then voted for which three issues shoud be tackled and these turned out to be: 1) Somer to attend the PACT meetings; 2) Motorbikes at Redland Park; 3) Security at Pennyquick View.

Joe, 26/08/09

Summer fun at Bath City Farm



Every Wednesday from 29th July to 26th August and from 10.30am to 2.30pm: First Steps will be bringing along their gazebo and plenty of toys and activities for toddlers and babies to enjoy.

Woodland project

Every Wednesday from 29th July to 26th August and from 10.30am to 2.30pm: Bath City Farm will be transforming its woodland area into a place to play. All 8 to 15 year-olds are invited to get involved with the design and creation of this new space to enjoy and explore. This activity is free.

Tree climbing

On Wednesday 19th August from 12.30pm to 3.30pm: For 11 to 15 year-olds, bring along a bike helmet with a chin strap and you will be all set for Tom the tree surgeon to help you into the lofty heights of the farm’s woodland canopy. There will also be the chance to put up bat boxes to supply the farm’s growing bat population with new homes. This activity is free.


Bat Walk

Wednesday 19th August at 9pm: Go batty and explore the nightlife at Bath City Farm. There will be bat detectors available to hear the bats in flight. Please remember to wear stout footwear and bring a torch if possible. This activity is free.

Roots and Shoots

Every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm: For families with children aged 0 to 8, come and help feed the animals and do fun outdoor stuff including gardening, bug hunts and nature trails. Children must be accompanied by an adult. £2 per family.

Play Rangers

Play Ranger sessions for children will continue through the summer holidays and may include cooking, den building, construction, natural play and imaginative play. Sessions are held on Mondays at the Brickfields and on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Bath City Farm. Sessions run from 3.30pm to 6pm.


Information from flyer, 04/08/09


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