News in August 2010

Stay and Play at Rosewarn Field

First Steps Family and Children’s Services are organising a special event at Rosewarn Field, Whiteway.
It is for all children aged 0 to 5 in the area and will be happening on 3rd September from 12 noon to 2pm.

Not to be confused with the Party in the Park event which will be taking place in Rosewarn Field for everyone. On Monday 30th August from 12 noon to 4pm.

Joe, 29/08/10

Silver Jubilee celebrated at Whiteway

Colourful bunting was stretched from house to house, the road was closed off, and residents of Haycombe Drive treated the children to a street party in celebration of the Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee.
In this superb photo sent in by Mr John Rawlings, the photographer is apparently standing at the top of East Way – a short road that connects Haycombe Drive with Kelston View.

To see a bigger version of this photo click here.

Apart from the 1970s fashions, other noticeable things are the old metal framed windows and the concrete road surface.
All of the roads around Whiteway were made of concrete back then, and Rosewarn Close had not yet been built.

Photo by John Rawlings, 26/08/10

The end of Pennyquick View

The last of the houses of Pennyquick View in Twerton have been demolished. They will be replaced by 45 rented properties and 11 homes to buy. Several panoramas of the site with all the buildings removed have been sent in by Mr John Rawlings.

Click on the numbers to see some more pictures: 1, 2, 3

It feels strange to see Pennyquick View gone, and I wonder if the new houses will be given the same name? People that I remember living there are: Molly with her dogs Lulu and Daisy-Bell, Sheena with her dog Buster, Ann and her husband, and Joanna’s family which moved up the hill.

Photos by John Rawlings, 25/08/10

The Family Information Service

Launched in 2000, the Family Information Service has 10 years of experience in answering queries from local parents, ranging from questions about childcare to starting and moving through school.
They keep a wide range of up-to-date information on registered childcare providers such as nurseries, pre-schools, childminders, after-school clubs and parent & toddler groups.
The service is very popular and handles hundreds of requests for information every month. Parent Samantha Williams, has used the service and says:

“The Family Information Service has come to my aid on several occasions – from searching for childcare providers, and then toddler groups in my area to children’s music groups and other activities, always with a courteous attitude on the phone or via email. This is a valuable resource for B&NES and we should cherish it.”

FIS can also provide support for families of children and young people who have a disability, special educational needs or any other additional requirements. They offer information on local and national helplines, support groups, leisure activities, holiday playschemes, after-school clubs, transport, benefits and community organisations.
Finally, look out for the Family Information Service Leisure Pack, published every year. It’s full of ideas for filling the school holidays with fun and interesting things to do for all the family. Visit the website at or call for your copy on Freephone 0800 073 1214, text on 07980 998906, or email

Sarah Pryer, 25/08/10

Kids make scarecrows for Bath City Farm

Children aged 8 to 12 made the two scarecrows below for Bath City Farm, as part of the farm’s holiday activities.
The purpose of the scarecrows is to deter wild birds from eating the food put out for the hens.

Farm Manager Matt Smail, said the scarecrows seem to be working because he hasn’t seen any birds go in there since they were made.

Joe, 04/08/10


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