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Local resident to shave her hair in aid of cancer research


Please make a donation at:
A local resident named Rae Curtis plans to shave her hair to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, after her son Tal recently lost his long battle with cancer.
Rae says: “All donations will go to Cancer Research UK. Please donate to sponsor me. It’s time we all gave cancer a good kicking. Thank you.”
The event will be taking place on Friday 13th September at 7pm in The Centurion Pub. The pub management will kindly be putting on some music.

Joe, 26/08/13

Whiteway Fun Day in remembrance of Mikey Bizzle

On Sunday 18th August, a vibrant Community Fun Day took place at Whiteway in memory of Mikey Bizzle (Michael Mulholland) who sadly passed away about a month ago aged 27.
Arranged by local resident Jimbob Warman, this event was exceptionally good and well organised. Making use of the big green space at Rosewarn Field, there were two bouncy castles and a great range of stalls manned by people from the surrounding area.
There was a nice community feel as hundreds of people chatted with friends and family, while reggae music from the sound system and the smoky aroma of food cooking on the barbecues drifted across the field. At the far end, a couple of young men from the Bath Rugby Foundation were leading some fun rugby activities with the children.

See a slideshow of the Whiteway Fun Day here

The various stalls revealed the talents of local people. There was a table full of attractive bracelets made by a lady on the Whiteway estate, as well as a superb cup cake stall put together by a family from Kingsway. People could also get a professional quality photo of themselves taken at Danielle’s Photo Booth.
Members of the Whiteway Changes group managed a very good tombola, and it was nice to have a Beer Tent where you could get a pint of something to take around. Later on, a fire engine turned up to excite the children.
Friends of Mikey Bizzle said that the large turnout showed how popular he had been in the community. A young lady named Sammy said that his was “a smile you’re going to miss”. At the end of the day, about £4000 had been raised in charitable funds from this event.

Joe, 19/08/13

Excellent work by the Bath Community Shop

The Bath Community Shop in Twerton High Street has become a fantastic community asset, now that residents have taken over the running of the shop and directed the profits toward local good causes.
Some of the first funds raised at the shop have been used to aid struggling families. Recently a sum of £300 pounds was sent to St Michael’s Junior School to help parents with the costs of school uniforms. There have also been gifts of clothing given to homeless people on the streets of Bath at Christmas Eve.
On Monday 5th August, a party of over 100 Twerton and Whiteway residents enjoyed a trip to Weymouth. Everything was organised and paid for by the Bath Community Shop – including the hire of the coaches, the packed lunches, teas and coffees at a stopping-off point, goodies bags for the children, rides at the fair and a stick of rock for each child.

See a slideshow of the Weymouth Trip here

The Bath Community Shop also made sure that the trip was well equipped with beach balls, buckets and spades and sun lotion. A volunteer at the shop named Dawn said that this was an absolutely wonderful event, and that residents couldn’t believe how much effort had been put in.
As well as giving everyone a great time, the Weymouth trip brought together different people in the community. There was a mix of about 60 children as well as adults and elderly people on the coaches, and the different age groups got on well with each other. People who live up the hill said that they will now come down to the High Street more often and donate to the Bath Community Shop.
One of the next projects in the pipeline is a trip to a Christmas pantomime plus a traditional Christmas party. To find out how the Bath Community Shop first started up, click here.

Joe, 15/08/13

Project to be launched with Fun Day at Redland Park

A new project is starting up to introduce residents to the idea of timebanking. Timebanking is a system run by the Time Bank at Twerton High Street, which enables people to exchange their time and skills helping each other.
The basic principle is: help out a neighbour, and another neighbour (probably a different one) will help you.


Community Fun Day

To mark the launch of the timebanking project, the Time Bank and Curo are organising a Community Fun Day to be held at Redland Park on Wednesday 28th August from 3pm to 6pm.
So far, the activities planned include:
* A game which illustrates how timebanking works and an opportunity for people to talk to existing Time Bank members
* Circus skills
* Windowsill food growing
* Bike maintenance (you are welcome to bring along your bike)
* 5 minute massages
* Cupcake decoration
* Nail art sessions
* Crafts workshop
* Crochet demo
Most of these activities will be led by Time Bank members.
There will also be a Bouncy Castle, food & drink, ice cream, games, stalls and lots of other fun activities for all ages, so please do come along and bring your family and friends.
Timebanking is available to anyone, so even if you don’t live in Redland Park but are interested in this, why not go along?

Joe, 12/09/13

The Twerton Toilet Protest

A demonstration to save the public toilets in Twerton, has attracted the attention of the media to the point where many people have now seen something of the protest on TV.
On 1st August, Bath resident Lin Patterson moved into a cubicle of the ladies’ toilet, determined to remain there for at least three days and nights. A notice on the toilets stated that they were due to be closed down on that day.
The occupation was accompanied by a demonstration outside the toilets over the space of four days. The Twerton community has been very supportive of this action, with many residents stopping to offer encouragement and sign the petitions to save the Twerton public toilets.
There is also an online petition on the 38 Degrees website which has reached over 2000 signatures.

At the recent Twerton PACT meeting, it emerged that the Twerton Councillors are hoping for sponsors such as Bath City FC or Morrisons (which will be moving into the old Blockbuster DVD building) to keep the toilets open.
Since the disabled toilet is the only wheelchair accessible one locally, an Equalities Impact Assessment has to be made.
Although it is good that the Twerton Councillors want to keep the toilets open, there is still a lot wrong. The community generally didn’t know that the toilets are threatened with closure, so people were unable to give their views. There was no local consultation, which is undemocratic and unfair.
A notice on the toilet doors stated that they were due to shut on 1st August, but in reality an actual closing date had not been set. That is not being open or transparent with the people. And of course, the future of these essential toilets is by no means guaranteed.

Joe, 06/08/13


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