News in December 2009, part 2

Trip through time at Southside

An event celebrating food throughout the ages has given people a chance to see what meals our ancestors ate and how they prepared food.
Held at the Southside Centre, the event enabled visitors to find out what foods the Romans brought to Britain, how the Georgians made bread, and what rations our grandparents had to survive on during the war.

There were craft activities and different foods to try, and you could put on a land girl’s uniform (pictured below left). During the Second World War the land girls worked on farms to produce the country’s food while the men were away fighting.

I told the staff about some of the things people around here used to eat in the 1940s and 1950s. When times were hard, a family might supplement their meals with a few garden snails. You would soak them in salt water overnight to kill them and then they could be rolled in flour and fried.
Some households used to make dandelion wine and people would drink the water that a cabbage had been boiled in to get the nutrients. Thinking about it, eating habits have changed quite a lot over the years.

Joe, 30/12/09

Some New Year photos

Mr John Rawlings of Whiteway, has sent in some photos that depict change in the local area as the New Year approaches.
Below left, the vehicle on the Whiteway Road is protesting against proposals to build 2000 houses on land west of Twerton. Below right is a new student block on the Lower Bristol Road – note the reflection on the glassy surface of the river.

Click on the links below to see a few more pictures. Art isn’t something that is only found in an art gallery; it is present in the ever shifting scences of life.
Photos: Christmas lights, Redland Park, No to houses, Student block

Joe, 29/12/09

Carols at The White Horse Pub

The White Horse Pub at Shophouse Road became the setting for a mini carol concert on Wednesday night. The event was organised by Landlady Jacqui Clarke and Rector Richard Wilson of St Michael’s Church, at the suggestion of a local person who attends both the church and the pub.
On the keyboard was Kevin Rowe – a talented musician who lives in Twerton.

Some children at the pub requested that Away In A Manger be sung. You can hear it if you turn up the volume on your computer and play the above video clip. Quite a few of the pub regulars joined in with the carols – especially the rousing ones – although The Twelve Nights Of Christmas proved a bit of a struggle!
Lots of people said afterward what an enjoyable occasion it had been. A sum of £100 was raised for the church’s Rec House project, which provides streetdance and drama workshops for young people and aims to establish a recording studio for youth.

Joe, 25/12/09

Things going on at Sladebrook

Do you know where Sladebrook Evangelical Church is? It’s the church that you see is tucked in by the side of the Tesco store if you go down Englishcombe Lane.

A lot goes on there during the week, including a Fitness Class, a Parent and Toddler Group, a couple of clubs for young people, a Coffee Morning and a Men’s Group.
The church has a bunch of keen five-a-side footballers who play at Culverhay Sports Centre on Tuesdays.
On Saturday I went to their Festive Funtime – a great event that attracted a lot of people. There were craft activities, hot dogs and soup, and a mini Christmas nativity pantomime with carols.
The children who came along, enjoyed making paper angels and decorations, as well as singing with the panto.
The church’s Frij Youth Club has just had a fantastic term, with an ice-skating trip, a bonfire night at the farm, a Moonwalk Challenge Night, a 70s Christmas Disco and more. The club is open to 11 to 18 year-olds and costs 50p a night. It runs on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.

Joe, 20/12/09


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