News in February 2009

Local play area developments

The development of local play areas has started up again, after the wintry weather, with a fort-style lookout post and cable run being constructed at the Brickfields and a swing installed at Pennyquick Park.
The plans have chopped and changed a bit, as the original blueprints exceeded the available budget.
Woodhouse Park (at Redland Park) has already had a giant wooden spider constructed, and there are plans for fencing around the play area.
At Pennyquick Park there will be a new swing and the copse will be developed to create better visibility for children playing. A picnic area is planned as well as a bike track.
Meanwhile, Somer Housing has secured some funding to restore the play area in Roundhill Park.
And The Children’s Society has been awarded money to spend on Hillcrest Field. On 14th March from 11am to 2pm, there will be a consultation in Hillcrest Field to get the views of residents as to how the field should be developed and managed.

Joe, 26/02/09

Bath City Farm cleared of litter

On Sunday, a team of litter picking Bath City Farm enthusiasts descended on the farm, determined to rid it of all the litter that builds up over the year. Equipped with grabber sticks, we filled at least a dozen refuse bags to be taken away.
When people deposit cans and bottles in the hedgerows, they become hard to retrieve. So please use the litter bins.

Litter pickers: Roland and Gerry

We also found larger items on the farm, such as an old speaker and a couple of tyres. And how did that Homebase trolley with no wheels find its way onto the site? Two strong men were needed to carry it to the rubbish collection point.
When the work was finished we enjoyed the views over the farm with homemade soup, carrot cake and mugs of tea.

Joe, 23/02/09

‘Half-Term Pancake Training’

Last Thursday there was a ‘Half-Term Pancake Training’ event for children at Bath City Farm. Adam from the Community Play Rangers cooked the pancakes with the children on an outdoor stove.
Then the kids were challenged to complete an obstacle course while carring a pancake on a plate! They had to go through a net tunnel, over a see-saw and in and out of the cones.


The fastest person to do the obstacle course was Aiden, who reached the finishing line in an incredible 19 seconds. The youngest to do it was a boy called Kaden who is two years old.

Joe, 19/02/09

Sales for good causes

A table top sale was held at Rose Cottage in Twerton High Street yesterday, in aid of the ABC Toddler Group that meets there on Mondays from 10am to 11.30am.
Quite a lot of items were sold, including a play tent, books, soft toys, dolls and candles – and there will be another similar sale some time in the summer.
Caroline and Heidi organised the sale which was held on a Thursday to attract people making their way to Twerton Market.

Joe, 19/02/09

Lidl open day in Twerton

On Thursday, the grocery retailer Lidl held an open day at Twerton Village Hall, for people to sample and view some of the produce that it will be selling – if granted planning permission to turn the old Herman Miller building into a store.

Staff explained to me how Lidl operates. Because the firm sells only a limited range of brands, it is able to offer low prices on many items. For example, it might sell only one brand of cornflakes, which means that this product can be bought in bulk and the discount passed on to customers. The narrow range of products also means that the store is less likely to harm other retailers.
Some local people already travel to Lidl stores in Brislington and Trowbridge. Having a store in Twerton would mean that they don’t have to make such a long journey.

Joe, 19/02/09

Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown Quiz

After the success of the Twerton Snowmen versus Whiteway Snowmen contest, I was wondering what else could be done to bring Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown together a bit more.
Then it occurred to me that there could be some quizzes with questions about all three areas.

Have a go at the first South West Bath Quiz above – there are 10 questions to answer.
If you like you can email me some questions and answers of your own, to be made into a quiz at a later date.

Joe, 12/02/09

Snowy Whiteway and Southdown news

It’s not often that you get to see Whiteway looking white, so yesterday’s weather conditions prompted me to go out and make a photo slideshow of Whiteway and Southdown in the snow. You can see the slideshow here.
From the afternoon onwards, crowds of people climbed to the top of Roundhill at Mount Road to do some sledging.


Left: photo of The Hollow; centre and right: sledging at Roundhill

Some young men named Dan, Mickey and Bob, hauled a huge surfboard up the hill to use it as a sledge. These lads did a great job of entertaining the group of excited children that gathered around, putting them onto the surfboard and then launching it down the hillside.
Luckily the surfboard didn’t travel too fast because of its own weight and the weight of all the people on it – so most children made it to the bottom of the hill.
P.S. Always sledge carefully in a safe place and look out for any hazards such as barbed wire.

Joe, 03/02/09


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