News in February and March 2011

Stargazing on Roundhill

A stargazing session on the top of Roundhill attracted a lot of interest on Friday night. Organised by the William Herschel Society in conjunction with the Friends of Roundhill group, about 30 people came to look through the telescope and see some star constellations identified in the night sky.
The astronomers had lazer pointers that emitted a long beam of light against the dark night sky, making it easier to show what stars and constellations they were referring to.
Near the end, a group of lively young people came onto the hill and learned some interesting things about astronomy.

Joe, 06/03/11

Community encouraged to support ‘free school’

Last Wednesday, a public meeting was held at Culverhay School to explain proposals to operate a ‘free school’ on the site, now that the Council has decided to close Culverhay by 2014.
Some Culverhay School staff and the Parents Action Group are applying to set up this type of school, which would be free from local authority control and funded by central govenment. The new school would be called Sirius Wood School and would be run by the local community to a large extent.

Steering Group members Sean Turner and Sean Wyartt said that this is the test of whether the government’s rhetoric on ‘Big Society’ was genuine. The community would be working together with staff, to help young people see the importance of education and acquire the skills they need to make the most of life’s opportunities.
The audience of local people that filled the assembly hall, heard that the name Sirius Wood School was chosen with a view that the school would grow in strength like the newly planted Sirius Wood nearby.
Sirius Wood School would be co-educational, inclusive and committed to the achievement of all pupils.
Sarah Moore of the Parents Action Group spoke of how a secondary school was definitely needed in South West Bath.
She went on to say that academic grades are very important, but grades alone do not make a child into an adult with all the experience necessary to succeed in daily life.
A lot of support from the local community is needed in order for the plan to be approved by government. There is a petition in Steffi’s shop at Mount Road, and forms will be sent out via primary schools for parents to register their interest.
A message of support from MP Don Foster was read out by his assistant, and Headmaster David Goucher of St Michael’s Junior School in Twerton said that no other secondary school was involved with St Michael’s in the way that Culverhay is.

Joe, 02/03/11

Easter Holiday Football School

Bath City Football Club is inviting children to try its Easter Holiday Football School.
This year Bath City FC players will be joining the coaching team, so participants will have the chance to train with professional players from the local team! All the coaches are highly qualified and certified with the FA.
Bath City FC Holiday Clubs have been running successfully for the last 5 years and are a very popular holiday activity. The coaching program is varied and offers appropriate skills training, team building games and mini competitions. The sessions are always great fun and are enjoyed by all.
The Football School will run from Tuesday 12th until Wednesday 14th April. On the Tuesday and Wednesday it will be held at Culverhay School Training Field, (the Sports Hall will be used in the event of bad weather.) On Thursday the club will be held at Twerton Park Stadium.
This is a ‘Your Time’ registered provider, so children eligible for free school meals may be able to join for free. There may also be some concessionary places available.
For more information call 07730 538841.

Pete Sellwood, 14/02/11

A very active Saturday

There was a lot of physical activity going on in South West Bath last Saturday. About 23 runners came to do a chilly one mile sponsored run around the fields of Bath City Farm.
Some runners wore fun costumes and there was a scramble net which proved a problem for a young man whose Wonka Bar outfit got caught in the netting.

If you didn’t want to do the run, you could go for a walk instead. The Friends of Roundhill group led a walk from Roundhill to Culverhay School and then on to Englishcombe.
The walk traced the lost village of Barrow which once stretched from the site of the school to the back of Breach Wood.

Joe, 05/02/11

First Steps half-term information

First Steps Nursery has supplied this half-term information for Twerton and other areas.


First Steps, 05/02/11


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