News in January 2008

Plans to demolish the Magic Wok

A controversial planning application to demolish The Magic Wok takeaway in order to construct a four storey building, has concerned many Twerton residents.

Mr Tang, who manages the takeaway says:
“The Magic Wok takeaway has been trading here for 16 years. We know all the customers and all the customers like us.”
Mr Tang also points out that The Magic Wok is the only Chinese takeaway in Twerton, and that the demolition of the takeaway, together with Blockbuster DVD next door would be a sad double loss for Twerton.
The Magic Wok recently organised a petition of several hundred names in protest against the planning application, while Blockbuster DVD compiled a similar petition of more than 2000 names in just two days.
But the Council has said that these petitions only count as a single complaint each! Now customers are sending individual letters of protest to the Council.

Joe, 29/01/08

Twerton’s first PACT meeting

Twerton’s first PACT meeting was attended by about 70 local people.
Concerns and ideas were adressed to a panel made up of Dan Foster and Andy Isles from Somer Housing, PC Brendan Keegan, Councillors Tim Ball and Gerry Curran, and David Goucher the Headmaster of St Michael’s Junior School who chaired the meeting.

People very quickly stated that a lack of youth provisions in Twerton was a major problem leading to some of the crime in the area.
It was noted that no young people were present, so there was a suggestion that a special Youth PACT be arranged for them. One resident said: “We need to have dialogue with young people.”
The tendency for alleyways to facilitate burglaries was also mentioned, as well as problems with police response times. PC Keegan pointed out that the police are able to provide advice on how to make your home more secure.
People were also advised to help tackle burglary by letting the police know who is privately selling secondhand equipment such as video recorders or televisions.

Other points of concern were arson attacks and repeated damage to the communal entrance doors of blocks of flats. Residents were told that every block in Twerton is about to have new entrance doors fitted.
The new doors are very resistant to being kicked in, as they open outwards and have bolts that lock on all sides. This type of door has proven very successful at Foxhill.
The Panel agreed to follow up on the top 3 priorities voted for by residents. These were: 1) Arson attacks and burglaries; 2) Youth provisions; 3) Building security (repair and replacement of entrance doors in local flats).
The panel will now discuss plans for addressing these issues and will report on progress in the next PACT meeting.

Joe, 29/01/08

Baptism celebrations at St Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church at Twerton was filled with people on Sunday, eager to celebrate the baptisms of seven individuals of all ages. The style of baptism was full immersion, which involved being briefly lowered down under the water.

For some this was a reaffirming of the baptism that they had received as a baby, while for others it was a decision to be baptised for the first time.
In the Christian faith, baptism in water is a visual demonstration of the individual rising to newness of life in Jesus Christ.
Everyone in the church got up and gathered around to witness the special event close up.
Among the people to be baptised was a young woman called Sam, who is a youth worker in Twerton. The photo shows her being baptised by Rector Richard Wilson.
Sam said: “I thought ‘some of the young people that I’m working with are getting baptised… how fantastic it would be to take that journey with them.'”

Joe, 27/01/08

Craft sessions at The White Horse

People who attended the free session at The White Horse Pub on Wednesday, were taught how to make the decorated boxes, picture frames and cards shown below.

Special patterned Japanese paper and adhesive ribbons were some of the materials used.
The event was organised by the Community Learning Service, partly as an opportunity for people to find out more about learning opportunities that are available while enjoying the craftwork.
There will be another free session at the pub on Wednesday 30th January from 12.30pm, when people will be making lavender bags.
Phone Christina on 01225 396834 or Jacqui on 07977 239782.

Joe, 23/01/08

Flooding at Pennyquick

This was the scene at Pennyquick Bottom near the Newton Mill Campsite last Friday, after Bath was drenched by more than a month’s rain in one day.
Police closed off the road between Pennyquick and the Globe Inn at Newton St Loe, due to flooding from the Newton Brook where the water usually flows under the road.

Luckily the residential areas of Twerton lie well above the River Avon’s flood plain. Blocked drains can be reported to Council Connect on 01225 394041.
Photo by Daniel and Peter Little. See a couple more photos here: flood 2, flood 3.

Joe, 15/01/08

Rake Up and Grow

Rake Up and Grow is a community garden service run by volunteers. They offer a reduced charge for people on pensions and benefits, and will do gardening for anyone.
The organisation works mainly with adults who have disabilities, as a means of education and work training leading to employment opportunities.
They also welcome volunteers from all walks of life who would like to support adults in horticulture or learn more about horticulture themselves. Phone 01225 396063 to find out more.

Joe, 14/01/08

Cafe to open an extra day per week

For several years, the Rose Cottage Cafe at Twerton High Street has opened on Thursdays as a place to get a wholesome meal, a cup of tea and friendly conversation.
Starting on 16th January, it will also be open on Wednesdays at 10am with meals served from 12 noon. The meal will be a roast dinner or something similar, with a dessert and a mug of tea for £5.
Recently members of St Michael’s Church and Grace Community Church, spent a Saturday morning making colourful artwork to decorate the rooms in Rose Cottage where people eat and drink. Some of the children helped out too and a number of great paintings were produced using bright acrylic paints.

Joe, 12/01/08

Search for a medieval dovecote

Some time ago, a workman discovered a circular stone structure about 12 feet in diameter, beneath the lawn of Pennard Court at Watery Lane. The shape of the stonework suggests that the object had been a medieval dovecote, belonging to one of the two manors that once stood at opposite ends of Twerton High Street.
Now a local history enthusiast named Peter Little is trying to organise a survey of the site, using machinery that will give a reading of what is below the lawn without the need for digging. Solid objects such as the remains of old walls should show up as dark lines, enabling a better understanding of what was there.
Dovecotes were designed to house pigeons or doves, which were an important source of meat and eggs in the past. Many dovecotes were circular and contained pigeonholes where the birds would nest. A dovecote at Twerton would probably have been seen as a status symbol belonging to a lord of the manor.

Joe, 11/01/08


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