News in July 2008

New Produce Market at the Time Bank

A new Produce Market has started up at the Time Bank, 86 Twerton High Street.
This mini-market allows people to swap or buy produce from local gardens or allotments. On the first day, several people turned up to exchange their home grown goods for something else. It is hoped that the idea will catch on.
Produce can also be exchanged for time credits. These can be used to ‘buy’ help that you need from a Time Bank member, or exchanged for freebies such as cinema tickets or training opportunities.
The Produce Market is open on Wednesdays from 11.30am to 3.30pm.

Joe, 30/07/08

The Southside pig is at the Podium

Teenagers at the Southside Centre have contributed their own pig sculpture to the hundred Bladud Pigs scattered around Bath. It is called Stereotype Pig and is located in the stairwell at the top floor of the Podium.

The artwork uses imagery and words associated with different cultures such as punk rock.
So the youth centre’s pig is very relevant to life’s experiences since the youngsters draw attention to the significance of identities and the labels that people attach to them.

Joe, 24/07/08

Community Learning Service Summer Party

On Wednesday the Community Learning Service held their free Summer Party in Randall’s community room, Twerton Park.
The Community Learning Service offers creative activities intended to raise people’s levels of confidence and introduce them to advice on opportunities for learning and work.
The party included a buffet and workshops teaching aromatherapy hand massage, Chinese brush painting, ceramic painting and felt pot making.
At the start, a couple of individuals gave their testimonies as to how achieving skills such as being able to read, had increased their self-esteem and in many ways changed their lives.



Top left: ceramic painting workshop; top right: Joe’s mum painting a mug
Bottom left: Genie making a felt pot; bottom right: Jackie making a felt pot

The Community Learning Service is one of my favourite community groups. Using craft activities to raise people’s self-esteem as a possible preliminary to employment training is a good idea.
The staff seem passionate about helping people and have an understanding of how their work fits into the wider framework of needs in the community.

Joe, 20/07/08

Whiteway Boxing Club

On Tuesday I went to the Southside Centre to make a video about the Boxing Club – which you can see here.

The club is a great resource for South West Bath and I’m really pleased that we’ve got it.
Boxing training is a good way to keep fit and you don’t have to spar if you don’t want to. In fact, nobody is taking on any opponents in the ring yet.
A girl called Angie goes to the Boxing Club to get her fitness back after having a baby.
Sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7pm to 8pm for under-16s and from 8pm for over-16s.

Joe, 17/07/08

A history of St Barnabas Church, Southdown

People of St Barnabas Church at Southdown have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of their church building.
On Saturday 14th June, a fete was held in the church grounds with a barbecue organised by the Scouts, a bouncy castle and a Taekwondo display from a group that meets at Culverhay School.
A display of photographs and memorabilia tracing the history of the church, has been open to the public at weekends between 2pm and 4pm. The present St Barnabas Church was built in 1958, replacing an ealier church that once stood at the bottom of Rush Hill.
You can read an article on the history of St Barnabas Church here.

Joe, 07/07/08

Community Celebration at Southdown Methodist Centre

The Community Celebration at Southdown Methodist Centre last weekend, was filled with things to do for young and old.

On the Saturday, the children enjoyed an inflatable bouncy castle and activities such as throwing sponges into a bucket and memory games.
There were refreshments and stalls selling toys, cakes, plants, books, gifts and cards, as well as a tombola and a raffle.
On the Sunday, there were craft activities for all ages. Then there was a short service in which children from Southdown Junior School piled into a model of Noah’s Ark, wearing animal masks they had made.
The children also displayed some country dances that they practice at school, and a music group from Oldfield Park sang the story of Noah and the flood. Colourful banners representing different local community groups were positioned to make a display.
The Southdown Methodist Centre is effective at bringing together people of all age ranges. This is important, as the elderly are often noticeably missing from other community events.

Joe, 01/07/08


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