News in July 2009

Bath City Football Schools

There will be two Bath City Football Schools in South West Bath this summer holiday. The first will run from 4th to 6th August, and the second from 25th to 27th August.
These football schools are for all ages, and are a chance to play at Twerton Park and get some training from FA qualified coaches, with certificates, medals and prizes given out.
In both cases the football schools will be held at Culverhay School on the Tuesday and Wednesday, and at Twerton Park on the Thursday.
A full day is from 9.30am to 3pm and a half day is from 9.30am to 1pm. Prices are: £15 per day or £40 for all three days; £10 per half day or £25 for all three half days.
You will need to bring suitable clothing e.g. boots or trainers and shin pads, as well as a packed lunch with a drink. For more information phone Paul Gillings on 01225 423087 or 07813 026285.

Joe, 25/07/09

Football at Rosewarn Field

Younger residents of Whiteway engaged in a two hour football session at Rosewarn Field on Sunday.

Goals and nets were specially brought in for the occasion.
Unfortunately other activities that were planned such as a car boot sale, had to be postponed due to the showery weather as well as a lock that wouldn’t open on the gate leading into the field.
After the match some of the players talked about different sports they could do locally as a group.
In August there will be a workshop in the field enabling residents to develop their ideas on how the six acres of land can be improved as a space for everyone to enjoy.
One of the aims is to dispel myths about Rosewarn Field and remind residents that it’s a great resource on their doorstep.

Joe, 22/07/09

Fun events on Saturday

We get no shortage of community events around here in South West Bath and I think it’s a good sign – suggesting that a lot of people want to help build up our communities. Please support them. Yesterday we had a Fete at Southdown and a Fun Day in Twerton.
The fFete was held in the grounds and hall of St Barnabas Church opposite Roundhill, with a lot of stalls, tea and cakes, games, a raffle and a bouncy castle. There were quite a variety of things on sale, including videos, spirits, cakes and jewellery.

The above left-hand photo is of a couple with their grandchildren running the Fishing for Ducks game. The right-hand photo shows from left to right, Joyce, June and Ruth managing the tea and cakes in the church hall.
Meanwhile down in Twerton, a Fun Day was taking place at First Steps Children’s Centre. St Michael’s Junior School kindly allowed First Steps to use its grounds to bring in a big inflatable slide which the children loved.

Above is a photo of local DJs Andy and Mike from Inverness Road who came along to give the event some tunes!

Joe, 18/07/09

Southdown PACT, 15th July

Yesterday’s Southdown PACT meeting followed a new format. Tables and chairs were arranged so that residents could discuss priorities in small groups, the purpose being to aid people who are less confident about voicing their opinion to a larger group.
Each group wrote on a sheet of paper things they liked about Southdown and Whiteway. On another sheet they wrote things they didn’t like, and the same again for ideas on how problems might be tackled.
Then all the comments were read out from each group in turn.

Things that people liked and didn’t like

Things that people liked were: good local shops; good views; the bus service into town and the RUH bus; Roundhill; people’s homes; the children’s nursery; St Joseph’s Snooker Club (pictured); good access to schools; local surgeries; Bath City Farm.

They also liked: The Southside Centre; good churches that provide a range of support services; green spaces; closeness to both the town and the countryside; a friendly local culture with a mix of different people; the police.
Things that people didn’t like were: increased air flights overhead; lack of a post office counter; poor sense of community over things like litter; bonfires; PACT meetings being held too early for families; overgrown hedges; children vandalising cars; people (including refuse collectors) throwing rubbish into gardens; public toilets closed; better relations with the police needed.
People also didn’t like: Dog noise and dog litter at Roundhill Park; traffic and lorries along the Whiteway Road; parking on grass verges; overgrown hedges; still no light in the alley at Wedmore Park; slow police response times (though it was recognised that some incidents take priority over others).


Ideas for improvement were condensed into 10 possible priorities: litter bins; dog litter; turn the green space near the Beehive Surgery into parking bays; have a community newsletter; parking issues to be dealt with by the police; traffic on the Whiteway Road; speeding in Southdown; new style speed cameras; bus shelters at Avondown House and Haycombe Drive; Culverhay lollipop lady or man.
We then voted for which three priorities ought to be actioned. These turned out to be: 1) Litter bins; 2) Dog litter; 3) Speeding in Southdown.

Updates on the last meeting

Updates were given on what had been done in response to priorities raised at the April PACT. A sports initiative at Culverhay Sports Centre will provide young people with low cost activities. Starting with outdoor evening football and a family swim on Sunday mornings. A discounted membership system is also being considered.
Councillors Dine Romero and Paul Crossley have liased with the Highway Engineer and requested a pedestrian crossing by the Tesco store at Englishcombe Lane. The possibility of crossings at Haycombe Cemetery and the LF Jones store at Southdown road were discussed as well.
More than 40 cars that appeared to be speeding in Southdown Road have been stopped by PC Mark Brain. The police plan to set up regular speed checks in Southdown Road to enhance their patrol work. A Community Speedwatch project is still being considered.

Joe, 15/07/09


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