News in July 2010

Twerton church organises fun day

St Michael’s Church organised a Fun Day on Saturday, as a way of saying thanks for all the support received from the community after some church windows were vandalised.
There was a barbecue that served hundreds of burgers and hot dogs, a coconut shy that eventually ran out of coconuts, a face painting team and some nice children’s activities.

One great thing about this particular event is that everything was free.
You could add some art to a big community painting which was made up of everyone’s different contributions. See the final painting that was produced here.

Joe, 30/07/10

Twerton man who builds model helicopters

A man named Joe who lives at Highland Road, has been building model helicopters for about 2 and a half years.
Joe made the helicopter below by buying the parts separately and then putting them together.

Joe says that model helicopters are harder to fly than model planes and it takes a while to learn how to hover a helicopter. But model planes need a runway, so they are not suited to the bumpy ground at Innox Park.
Joe is planning to build a bigger helicopter next year.

Joe, 24/07/10

Nature survey on Roundhill

People from Avon Wildlife Trust have conducted a nature survey of the different types of wildflower living on Roundhill.

The purpose was to help the Friends of Roundhill group make sure that the hill has the best management plan for its wildlife.
More and more wildflowers were discovered on every spot where a sample was taken. The list of species included plants like hedge bedstraw, fairy flax and black medick. The tall yellow flower which grows in large patches over the north side of the hill is called tall melilot.
Ritchie said that Roundhill is an amazing ecological island and that we should apply for the habitat to be given Higher Level Stewardship status. In the photo from left to right are Juliet, Ritchie and Councillor Dine Romero.
To see the species list that was compiled click here.

Joe, 24/07/10

Things going on locally

On Sunday there was plenty of community activity going on around Southdown and Whiteway, with several outdoor community events falling on the same day.

At Roundhill a community picnic had been organised by the Friends of Roundhill Group.
This was part of the national Big Lunch initiative to get people across the country meeting with neighbours and sharing food.
At the same time, a similar picnic was being held in Rosewarn Field.
Over at Bath City Farm, a fun day was attracting lots of visitors with a barbecue, music, stalls and car boot sale.
Local residents Terrence, Marion and Sophie (pictured) live at Kelston View. They were taking part in the car boot sale and said that they have been supporting Bath City Farm since its early days.

Joe, 19/07/10

The Brickfields gets spruced up

A team of volunteer litter pickers swarmed over the Brickfields playing area on Sunday, clearing away litter and fly tip from the field and bushes.
The clean up was organised by community activist June Player, who also keeps the terraces of Oldfield Park Station looking attractive with lots of flowers planted throughout the year.

After a couple of hours of hard work, the team retired to The White Horse Pub at Shophouse Road. Landlady Jacqui Clerk had kindly agreed to let them have a picnic in the garden of the pub.
There was some live music from Gem Moase too. A video of the litter pick was taken for the Council.

Joe, 06/07/10


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