News in June 2008

Second car boot sale at Whiteway

It was good to go to Rosewarn Close on Sunday to see the car boot sale in action again.

The Community Car Boot Sale has a lovely atmosphere and the children especially, like to browse the stalls and make their small purchases.
There’s plenty of friendly conversation and the sale is located in the green setting of the playing field.
So don’t just stay at home on a Sunday morning, go out and support this local community event.
More sellers are needed. Why not gather up some things that you could sell and set up a table? It costs a fiver and the proceeds go to the Whiteway Community Respect Project.
The photo is of Dawn from Haycombe Drive with her stall, and Adam – a Whiteway Community Respect Project committee member.

Joe, 29/06/08

Power of Community film

A Twerton lady named Afrel would like to draw your attention to a film called Power of Community, showing at The Ram in Widcombe Parade on Wednesday 2nd July at 7.30pm.
The film is about what happened in Cuba when Russia could no longer supply that country with oil. The Cubans had to quickly learn different farming methods and make many lifestyle changes.
There are lessons to be learned here that could be useful to this country in the future, as petrol becomes more expensive.

Joe, 29/06/08

Make sure your views count!

Are you interested in making a difference in your local community? Would you like to make sure that your views count?
The Council is inviting residents to talk about how they would like to be involved in local decision-making.
They are reviewing Community Empowerment i.e. the ways in which local people have the chance to influence what goes on in their community and how decisions are made on their behalf.
There will be a workshop on 1st July from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, in the Brunswick Room at the Bath Guildhall. It is open to local residents and representatives of community and voluntary groups or organisations.
To find out more, phone Overview & Scrutiny on 01225 396410.

Information from newsletter, 28/06/08

First car boot sale at Rosewarn Close, Whiteway

The first of the new Community Car Boot Sales organised by the Whiteway Community Respect Project, took place on Sunday.

The rain clouds that came over Bath the night before put off some sellers, but still more than 100 buyers turned up to browse the stalls set up in Rosewarn Field.
The field seems an ideal pitch for car boot sales and is likely to attract a lot of customers from the local estates.
All proceeds go to the Whiteway Community Respect Project to be reinvested in community projects.
The car boot sale at Rosewarn is to be a weekly event until September 14th. To book a place phone Julia on 07792 239502.

Joe, 24/06/08

Bungee jumping at Twerton

What a great bungee jumping event that was at The White Horse on Saturday.
A lot of people took the leap from a cage suspended 200 feet above the ground and the roadsides were lined with spectators. Those raising more than £50 for charity were able to jump for free.

I went up in the cage to take a video and that was hair raising enough, even without having to jump off the edge. See the video that I made by clicking on the picture above.

Joe, 23/06/08

Twerton’s second PACT meeting

Twerton’s second PACT meeting took place at St Michael’s Junior School on Tuesday evening. PACT meetings give the community a voice by allowing residents to identify local problems that affect their quality of life.
Members of the Panel gave updates on what had been done to address issues raised at the previous PACT meeting.
Andy Isles said that Somer plan to replace all communal doors to the blocks of flats in Twerton over the financial year. The new doors are much more difficult to kick in, as they open outwards and are backed by sandstone infill. The work will begin next week with Cadby House which suffered an arson attack not long ago.

Councillor Tim Ball gave details of some new youth provisions at the Southside Centre that have been funded by private businesses. A Tuesday Boxing Club which starts at 7pm has commenced and there is to be a new Friday night session for teenagers. A basketball court and a vandal-proof table tennis table have been installed, and bike racks are due to arrive soon.
Some other potential youth provisions that are still in the ‘ideas stage’ were mentioned.
These include possible beatboxing sessions and the addition of a bench and perhaps lighting to Innox Park.
PC Brendan Keegan announced that the police have been successful in tackling burglaries in Twerton. Four youths were serving custodial sentences and a court case was coming up.
PC Keegan warned people not to give burgulars an opportunity e.g. by leaving rear windows open so that one person might talk to you at the front door while his accomplice nips in at the back. You should call 999 if you see people acting suspiciously, as you won’t be criticised if it proves to be a false alarm.
Then it was time to discuss which priorities should be brought to the Panel’s attention, and to vote for the top 3 priorities.
These turned out to be: 1) A desire for more police patrols on foot; 2) Community cleaning; 3) Improved community relations / awareness. The Panel will now discuss plans for addressing those top three issues and will report on progress at the next PACT meeting.

Joe, 03/06/08

Fun Day at Bath City Farm

Hundreds of people came to the Fun Day organised by the Southside Family Project at Bath City Farm on Saturday.
The weather stayed warm and dry, and a band from Wells called The Acoustic Mutineers played their music. A long line of children queued for the face painting.



Top left: The Acoustic Mutineers; top right: Lucy with her children Solomon and Halle running a car boot stall.
Bottom left: Anne painted as a racoon; bottom right: the barbecue.


Joe, 02/06/08


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