News in June 2010, part 1

Sun shines for Southdown fete

The grey clouds parted and Southdown was treated to a lovely bit of sunshine for the fete organised by Southdown Infant and Junior Schools on Friday. The warm weather ensured a turnout of around 300 people I would say.
The children were running a Hoopla Challenge where you had to get the rings over some upright poles. A high score would win you a flashing hat set. There was also face painting, a thing a bit like a giant inflatable slide and a lovely stall selling all kinds of board games.


The top left-hand photo is of Seran making craftwork masks with the children. The top right-hand photo is of Teaching Assistant Jenny Jacobs running the Splat the Rat game. You had to whack the rat as it came out the tube, before it landed on the floor.
The bottom left-hand photo is of the hot dog stall and bottom right is the Bean Bag Challenge. It was harder than it looked to throw those bean bags through the holes.
A couple of Police Community Support Officers came along to see how the event was going and make contact with local families. Money raised from the fete will go toward the two schools.

Joe, 11/06/10

Houses in Newton Road demolished

Here are some photos of the demolition of houses at the end of Newton Road that was happening on Monday. Plans to take down these buildings had been announced at the Twerton PACT meetings.

Photo by Mr John Rawlings. More photos by John here: 2, 3, 4
This type of prefabricated concrete house was considered a short-term answer to housing shortages after the war, because the parts could be manufactured and put together easily. Later on they proved vulnerable to faults such as concrete cancer where the materials start to deteriorate.

Photos by John Rawlings, 09/06/10

Holiday at Home 2010

Holiday at Home is held once a year in Southdown Methodist Centre at The Hollow. The idea behind the name is that you don’t have to travel to take a break – you can meet up with other people and do some special activities at the centre.
Below left is the flower arranging lesson that was going on when I visited. Some people had also been making model flowers out of wire and a substance that forms the brightly coloured petals. Below right is a photo of that group.

This year Holiday at Home was held over two days and timed to be included in the Healthy Living Week programme. It’s a nice event and it is good to see a growing number of people attending, as well as people of all different ages taking part.
Some people are local and some come from further afield, like the elderly gentleman from Corston who called in.

Joe, 03/06/10

Twerton’s own Lion of Bath

Twerton now has its very own Lion of Bath.

Called the Handson Lion, the sculpture was created by deaf adults with additional needs who do woodwork, ceramics, and crafts at their workshops on Wellsway and at the RNID Poolemead Centre in Twerton.
The fashioning of this lion was sponsored by RNID Community Services based at Poolemead.
The same people who made the lion also make items for sale and run a cafe and music session at the Poolemead Centre. They have an exhibition of their work in the Bath Fringe Festival.
The Handson Lion is situated outside Pennard Court and can be seen quite easily from Watery Lane. It’s name derives from the expression “hands on” because the deaf adults who made it do hands on work in their workshops.

Joe, 02/06/10


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