News in June and July 2013

Universal Credit begins this October

Universal Credit will begin in October this year. It will replace:
* Income based Job Seekers Allowance
* Income based Employment Support Allowance
* Child Tax Credits
* Working Tax Credits
* Income Support
* Housing Benefits
Universal Credit is to be launched in gradual steps, probably starting with young unemployed people. It will take a number of years before everyone is switched over.
Most people will need to claim Universal Credit on the internet. You will be able to do this at the Bath One Stop Shop at 3-4 Manvers Street (opposite the Police Station) where there will be people to help you.
Or you can also use any computer with internet access.
Universal Credit will be paid on a monthly basis.
The importance of the Credit Union
Because Universal Credit will be paid on a monthly basis, it is important for people to be good at budgeting – to avoid spending too much money at the start of the month and then running out near the end.
The Bristol Credit Union is developing some packages to help people budget. One option is have your Universal Credit paid directly to the Credit Union. The Credit Union will automatically take out the money needed to pay your rent and send it to your Housing Association. The remainder will go into your account, so you know exactly how much money is left over after the rent has been paid.
Another package offered by the Bristol Credit Union will split the money up into separate pots – one to cover bills, one to cover the rent, one for spending etc. This is called a ‘Jam Jar Account’.
So it is well worth joining the Bristol Credit Union. Telephone: 0117 924 7309.
Universal Credit will be introduced slowly, so there is no reason to worry.
If you want to talk to someone for advice about the changes, contact:
Elaine Riddle: 01225 396544,
Helen Holbrook: 01225 396669,

Joe, 09/07/13

Speeding at The Hollow

Some residents at The Hollow have been talking about the problem of speeding motorists. So I set up a radar speed gun at a couple of locations to record some speeds which can be seen in the video here.
The speeds recorded in just this brief time at The Hollow yesterday afternoon, suggest to me that some kind of speed activated ‘slow down’ sign is needed. I have sent the video to the Police and the Council’s Traffic and Safety Department.

Joe, 13/06/13

A new chapter begins at The White Horse Pub

The White Horse Pub in Twerton has re-opened under new management, having stayed dormant for some months. After former Landlord Jase Clarke left, the lease was bought by Gary Ashton who manages another Twerton pub – The Centurion.
The new Landlord at The White Horse is Dave Carter who is running the pub on Gary Ashton’s behalf.

Dave is pictured opposite, leading a Pub Quiz on Sunday night. He used to be the Landlord of The Dolphin at Locksbrook Road, so some of his regulars have come across from there. Another person to come over from The Dolphin is Tye the young barman who lives in Twerton.
Here is what is planned for the White Horse:
* Food from next weekend
* Quiz Night on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
* Music every other weekend – the next is 21st June
* Open Mic Night on the 3rd Wednesday of the month – starting on 19th June
The Pub Quiz on Sunday went quite well with four or five teams and a welcoming atmosphere.
I thought the questions were a bit tough and when we were asked: “Where does a pelagic animal live?” someone called out “Twerton”. Apparently the correct answer is the sea.
A Landlord who interacts with the regulars like this is important to the success of a pub. So I think The White Horse will become popular as local people start to rediscover it.

Joe, 09/06/13

Community events coming up

Here are a couple of great community events due to take place in June. The first is a Midsummer Fun Day at Bath City Farm.
The second is a free Fun Day and clear up including a Swap Shop in Rosewarn Field. This is going to be held from 11am to 3pm. For more details email or just turn up on the day…



Joe, 06/06/13


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