News in March and April 2012

Diamond Jubilee celebrations

A number of community events are planned for Twerton in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.
The Friends of Southside group will be holding a celebration at the Southside Centre on 1st June. Also on 1st June, St Michael’s Junior School will be having lunchtime fish and chips and an afternoon tea for the families of its pupils.
Then on 5th June from 12 noon, the Twerton Residents Association will be holding a community event in Innox Park, with attractions including a bungee run and bouncy castle, a charity shop fashion show and welly throwing.

Joe, 30/04/12

Rare photos appear at heritage event

On Saturday 7th April, a Heritage Day displaying the histories of Twerton and Weston was held at Bath City Football Club.
It became very interesting when a resident of Coronation Avenue arrived with two early 20th century photos of her family at Clyde Buildings in Twerton. I believe this lady was named Mrs Love and she kindly allowed me to reproduce the images.
Clyde Buildings stood opposite The Full Moon Pub at the site occupied by the electricity station, until demolition in the late 1950s. The buildings were nicknamed by some as “Cabbage Square”.
One of the two photos shows a house at Clyde Buildings facing the road. You can see it here.
The other photo shows a doorway facing the interior yard of Clyde Buildings. It can be seen here. The baby in this picture is now the lady who brought in the photos!

Joe, 15/04/12

Bath City Farm easter event

Despite the cool weather there was a good turnout of people at Bath City Farm for the easter event. Fun events such as these are good for attracting families who can then find out what is available at the farm.
Some of the children were taking an interest in the many different farm animals, the latest addition being a 12 year old Welsh pony named Muffin who will soon be giving children’s rides.

Musicians who regularly play for the White Horse Pub in Twerton, came to provide some live music in the part of the farm called The Crater (pictured above). Other attractions included the barbecue, football and face painting.
There will be a car boot sale at the farm on 15th April, from 10am to 2pm.

Joe, 31/03/12

New youth cafe in Twerton

A new cafe for young people has opened up at the Rec House, the building that is next to The Full Moon Pub.

The cafe is a joint project by Bath Youth for Christ and St Michael’s Church in Twerton.
It features an X-box games console and also holds weekly events ranging from dub step art to cookery. In addition, youngsters are offered the opportunity to compete in a coming production of Twerton’s Got Talent!
The youth cafe runs every Tuesday during term-time from 5pm to 6.30pm for years 7 to 9, and from 7pm to 9pm for years 10 to 13.
Entrance is free and volunteers give out toast and hot drinks.
The cafe provides young people with a safe venue to socialise with friends and make new friends. They are able to come and go as they please, and join in with as many or as few activities as they want to. For more information, see the relevant article on:

Joe, 21/03/12

Southdown PACT, 14th March

A PACT meeting was held in Southdown Methodist Church (pictured). As usual, the meeting begin with updates on what progress has been made on points raised previously.
In the case of motorists parking on double yellow lines, patrols of the area had been carried out and fixed penalties or warnings given out.

In tackling anti-social behaviour, there had been some joined up work between police and the Children’s Society. Anti-social behaviour has declined locally since one of the ring-leaders was arrested, although there have been a few instances of racial tension in the Whiteway area.
There was some talk about hedges intruding over pavements and the problems that these pose to the public (especially parents with buggies). This had been raised as a priority before but it was unclear whether anything had been done about it.
There was also an idea to make some roads including as the cul-de-sac at Mount Grove five mile per hour zones, and to install “Children Playing” signs.
The three priorities arising from this meeting were: 1) Litter bin in Hillcrest Field; 2) Possibility of 5mph and “Children Playing” signs; 3) What can be done about dog fouling?

Joe, 19/03/12

The Southside Sisters

A community play to do with the histories of Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown, has been uploaded to YouTube.

The play, which was staged in Twerton in 1995, presents the history of the community in a way that is empathetic to the past experiences of local people.
Theatre companies ACTA and SWOOT supported residents of South Bath to develop the play, which drew actors from local agencies like St Michael’s Church and the Southside and Roundhill Project Youth Centres.
The performance captures many interesting details of life in South West Bath in the past, since a lot of the content was gathered from interviews with senior citizens at the time when the play was written.
You can watch The Southside Sisters at this link:

Joe, 06/03/12


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