News in April 2008

Save Our Hillside success!

Somer Housing has withdrawn its application to build on a greenfield site at The Hollow, which is good news for all those who protested against the development.
The planning application provoked more than a thousand objection letters from local people, together with opposition from the Highways, Ecology and Landscapes Departments, Bath City Farm and Councillors for Twerton and Southdown.

Historical interest

One of the more interesting comments among the related documentation comes from an archaeological advisor:

The above proposed development lies in close proximity to the suggusted line of a Roman Road (SMR: MBN10308), which appears as a straight track on the 1885 Ordnance Survey and now forms the northern boundary of the application area. This road leads towards an area of Whiteway where Roman burials have been found suggesting a farmstead or settlement in the vicinity.
I would therefore recommend that an archaeological field evaluation (site investigation) is carried out before this application is determined.


Joe, 30/04/08

Know about the Walking Group?

A Walking Group meets at The White Horse Pub, Shophouse Road, on Wednesdays at 2.30pm. Some people turn up for the craft session and then go on to do the walk afterward.
The walks are about an hour long and are brisk but not too strenuous.

In the past the walkers have journeyed along the river bank, walked around Bath City Farm, been to the top of Twerton Roundhill and trekked into town and back.
On the day when I attended, a track through the Carrs Woodland nature reserve was chosen for the walk.
The Walking Group plan their route so that it brings them back to The White Horse, where they refresh themselves with glasses of water and ice.

Joe, 25/04/08

Search for the Dotted Bee-fly

An Insect Walk organised by the Carrs Woodland Forum, ended with a search for a species called the dotted bee-fly on Saturday.
Beginning at Walwyn Close, the walk was led by wildlife expert Mike Williams who drew attention to interesting plants and animals along the way.
Much of the hunt for the dotted bee-fly took place in a sunny meadow that is part of the Carrs Woodland nature reserve at Twerton.
The bee-fly is not a true bee – but it is thought that it lays it’s eggs in nests that some solitary bees make in the ground. It feeds on nectar from certain plants such as ground ivy and primrose.
The dotted bee-fly is an endangered species but it seems to thrive in the habitat of the Carrs Woodland reserve. You will have to watch the video to find out whether people on walk were able to find one…

Joe, 14/04/08

Holiday at Home a great success

Workers at Southdown Methodist Centre organised a three day programme of entertainment stretching from Tuesday to Thursday this week.
Called Holiday at Home, the programme was attended by about 60 to 70 people of all ages. The event is the brainchild of Lay Worker Jane Parsons, and enables people to get some fun without having to go away.

This year’s Holiday at Home was packed full of activities. The Community Learning Service ran a ceramic painting class, and local choirmaster Grenville Jones came to lead some Golden-Oldies sessions where hit tunes of the 50s, 60s and 70s are sung.
Older people were taught chairobics in which a chair is used to aid some simple exercises to help with mobility and blood circulation.
Tables with games and puzzle books were another feature, and a team of enthusiasts attempted to complete an intricate jigsaw within the 3 days.
A cooked dinner and tea were included in the daily programme. The guest speaker was a community worker called Monica Sandy who described the community work that is going on in Nunney.

The above photos are of the card-making session on Thursday. This was followed by a practical lesson in flower arranging and gardening tips.
Deacon Steph Ford said: “The 3 days have gone really well and all the people enjoyed themselves.”

Joe, 11/04/08

Save Our Hillside, April 9th

This is an update on the fight to prevent a housing complex being built on a greenfield site at The Hollow, Twerton.
Bath Heritage Watchdog has thrown its hat into the ring, by sending in its own letters of objection to the planning application by Somer Housing. These expand upon the points made in the original template objection letter.

A crowd of locals gathered by the Save Our Hillside objection scoreboard on Saturday for a Bath Chronicle photographer to take a picture. The photo should appear in this week’s Chronicle and will be like the one here.
The Council has agreed a press quote of “in excess of 1000 objections” having been made.
Bath City Farm is also against the planning application. The trustees, Dine Romero (councillor for Southdown) and Gerry Curran (councillor for Twerton) will be opposing it.
Three B&NES consultative departments are objecting as well – Highways (due to the unsafe road junction that would lead to the site), Ecology (due to factors such as great crested newts in the field) and Landscapes (due to the way that the development would affect Bath’s green scenery).
Jackie Parfitt – a teacher and community worker in Twerton commented: “In plain English, people need to be told that Twerton isn’t the ‘arse end’ of Bath. We like to have a quality of life here, and we need to see flowers and trees and green areas just like everybody else.”
Want to know more? See the Save Our Hillside movie here.

Joe, 09/04/08

Gilroy’s penalty seals win over Cambridge

Bath City FC retained their chance to reach the play-offs and gain promotion to the Blue Square Premier league, with a win over Cambridge FC on Saturday.
Walsh scored the first goal against Cambridge in the opening minutes of the game, the Cambridge side not playing at their best following a long delay on the motorway.
Then the referee gave City a penalty in the second half after Foley was brought down in the box. Gilroy took the shot, bringing the score to 2-0.
Commentaries on the Cambridge FC website claim that the penalty decision was a bad one, and that Foley had taken a dive over the defender’s outstretched leg. Take a look at the replay. What do you think?

Joe, 07/04/08


Saturday Swap Shop at Southdown

A Swap Shop was held at Southdown Methodist Centre on Saturday morning, enabling people to exchange unwanted items in good condition. This is one of a series of Swap Shops to be held in Bath as part of the Hope08 churches initiative.

The dates for other local Swap Shops are:

Thursday 8th May, Rose Cottage, Twerton High Street. Saturday 14th June, Sladebrook Evangelical Church, Englishcombe Lane. Saturday 12th July, Oldfield Park Baptist Church. All to be held between 10.30am and 12 noon.

Joe, 06/04/08


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