News in May and June 2014

News from Action on Hearing Loss in Twerton

As part of deaf awareness week, Action on Hearing Loss visited local businesses in Twerton to teach British Sign Language.
At Rosco’s Café in Twerton High Street, Action on Hearing Loss taught staff and visitors how to spell their name and greet people using sign language. Trudi and Alan enjoyed hot drinks provided free by the cafe.
Then Liza, Trudi and Alan were welcomed by Twerton Chippy. Mike the owner kindly gave us some delicious chips.
Action on Hearing Loss provide care and support to people who are deaf, deafblind or have other types of hearing loss, with extra support needs. They run residential, nursing, outreach, workshop and day services in Twerton, as well as home care services.

Liza Coyle, 26/06/14

Exotic Reptile Show comes to Bath City Farm


Local residents had the opportunity to handle unusual reptiles on 14th June, when the Exotic Reptiles Show came to a fun day at Bath City Farm.
Children and adults were fascinated to see and handle the different species which included a range of pythons, a chameleon and an iguana.
Nick Marwood who works at the farm and lives at Haycombe Drive, was enthusiastically helping other people to discover the show.
Nick said: “I’m not a reptologist but I do love snakes and other reptiles.” He is shown in the slideshow opposite handling an albino Burmese python.
The fun day was organised by the Southside Family Project and had a lot of other attractions, such as hair braiding, children’s crafts and a barbecue.

Joe, 21/06/14

Newton Mill Holiday Park is building good relations with Twerton and Whiteway

The Newton Mill Holiday Park in Twerton has been building bridges with the local community, following a change in management.
Matt the new manager says that people are welcome to come down the footpath from Twerton and enjoy Newton Mill.
Already some residents are using the garden and the bar which is open from 5pm on weekdays. Some people also visit to have breakfast from the bar on weekends.
The holiday park has been putting on fun events to make contact with more of the surrounding community. This year there was an Easter Fun Day with Easter Egg Hunts, and another fun event was held on 24th May.
This new management style with its more positive attitude towards the community, is good news for Twerton and Whiteway. It opens up the Newton Mill Holiday Park as an asset for local people to support and enjoy.

Joe, 08/06/14

“We love it.” The bingo group in Twerton that also serves as a social club

A bingo group which doubles as a social club, has been giving people a lot of pleasure for 24 years. As well as playing bingo, the group enjoys coach trips, fish & chips nights, and an annual Christmas lunch.
The group meets in the Carrswood Centre at Cleeve Green,Twerton, on Fridays from 6pm onwards. Entrance costs £1 and how much you spend after that, depends on things like how many games of bingo you want to play. It’s possible to play the bingo for just a few pounds and win.
A lady named Josephine McFarlane is a regular who comes all the way from Tunley. She first heard about the group from a friend who lives in Twerton. Josephine said: “I come with my friend Annie. I love it and it gets you out. We had a coach trip to Weymouth and we really enjoyed it.” She added that everyone is given a card when their birthday comes around.

The coach trips and other special events are funded by several raffles which are held on the same evenings as the bingo.
The top bingo prize can be up to £90 when enough people come along and take part.
Over the years, the group has used different venues such as Twerton Village Hall and the Church Rooms (the Rec House) at Twerton High Street. But the activity first started in the Blagdon Park Community Centre at Whiteway.
Early leaders were Jean and Wally Morgan; then Bob and Joan Marks took over from them.
Bob Marks – who was affectionately called “Bingo Bob” – sadly passed away in 2009 but Joan has continued to run the group. Joan said: “I was going to give up when Bob passed away but then I thought ‘no’, because people loved it and he’d have wanted me to carry on.”
Other members have key roles too, like Heather the treasurer and Mike Turner who calls the bingo numbers.
This bingo group and social club in Twerton is a really excellent example of local residents putting together their own community projects and turning them into successes. The story will go into the next edition of Twerton & Whiteway News.

Joe, 22/05/14

Latest edition of Twerton & Whiteway News


The second edition of Twerton & Whiteway News has been printed and delivered to over 3,100 homes in the Twerton and Whiteway area. The next one will probably be printed some time in late August or September.
The development of Twerton & Whiteway News has implications for this website and the community.
With regard to the website, it means some delays in updating content when work on the newspaper is underway. Some stories may appear in the newspaper and not on the website itself, due to the workload involved.
The newspaper is proving popular with local residents, with quite a lot of positive feedback coming in.
This is something that the local community hasn’t seen before – a presentation of the positive side of Twerton and Whiteway, as opposed to all the usual negative stereotyping which serves to undermine residents’ confidence.

Joe, 15/05/14


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