News in November 2007

A walk down Memory Lane

This is our version of the ‘Memory Lane’ feature that appears in the Bath Chronicle. Many thanks to Mr John Rawlings of Whiteway for sending in the two pictures shown below.

This amazing window into Twerton’s past comes in the form of a Victorian or Edwardian postcard. The photograph, enhanced by the addition of coloured tints, was taken some time before the closure of Twerton Station in 1917.
It shows that the buildings near the railway tunnel served as shops, while the greenery in the background recalls a time when there was little more than fields and trees beyond the High Street. The Lower Bristol Road at the far right of the photo appears as quiet as a country lane.

The above photo records the football ground at Twerton in 1970 when it was used to host a concert. Bands who played that year included Fleetwood Mac and Shakin Stevens.

Joe, 29/11/07

Toddler group has room for more

The ABC Toddler Group in Twerton has been going for about 12 years and has plenty of room for newcomers.
The group comes together on Mondays from 10am to 11.45am in the premises known as the Church Rooms at the top end of Twerton High Street.

The team of workers and mums who regularly attend the toddler group make the following points:
Who comes to ABC Toddlers?
We cater for children ranging from nought to four years old. Normally we’ve got about six or seven children from around Twerton and Whiteway. Mums have to stay with their children.
What do you do?
We put out toys and let the kids do what they want to do. We also do crafts and cookery with them – for example we’ve made chocolate cornflake cakes and things out of salt dough, and we’ve got a few ideas for next year as well. Towards the end of the session we have a “tidy-up time” followed by story-telling and a sing-song.
What’s it for?
The group helps parents to get together and make new friends, and enables the children to play and meet others before they are ready for school. It also helps them to develop play skills and social skills such as learning how to share.

Joe, 26/11/07

Plans that would affect South West Bath

The Government has given a directive to our Council to build many thousands of new houses, with a likelihood that around a thousand homes will be built at sites to the south of Bath.

There is a chance that some of the new housing will be near Twerton.
The project seems likely to have both positive and negative effects. For example, adding 500 houses to an area effectively brings in an extra 500 cars – assuming that there is an average of one car per household.
On the other hand, the developers will be expected to contribute towards local causes such as the repair of school buildings.
The reasons behind this “urban extension” are economic, given that the wealth generated by a region is dependant upon there being sufficient housing for the workforce needed there.
Most councillors are in favour of cooperating with the Government’s plan, on the basis that they have no power to oppose it, and because cooperation will make it easier to have influence over how the development unfolds.
Meanwhile, a local resident has started up an action group to address the issues raised.

Joe, 20/11/07

Recent improvements at Bath City Farm

Volunteer teams have brought some great improvements to Bath City Farm this Summer and Autumn.
B&NES Adult Care Team, a Cubs group and Bath Mind, worked at different times towards the construction of a wood-chipped path around the garden.
The Environment Agency built a similar path by the pig pens, and the professional services firm Price Waterhouse Coopers added £250 worth of attractive plants to the garden.
Meanwhile, the Farm’s own Roots and Shoots under-fives group have dug in some plants and bulbs, and there are plans to enter the garden for the Bath in Bloom competition next year.
Regular volunteers at the farm have built a superb duck house and a new duck pond is in the pipeline too.
Among the animals, Ashley the British Saanen goat has given birth to two babies – Kasmir (male) and Katie (female). The two offspring were having trouble suckling and so needed to be bottle fed, which has made them very tame.

Joe, 13/11/07


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