News in November 2008, part 1

Fungi species recorded at Twerton

A fungi walk on Sunday morning uncovered a range of fungi types living in the Carrs Woodland nature reserve at Twerton.
Beginning at Walwyn Close, the walk was led by fungi expert Justin Smith who recorded the different species found while telling the party a little bit about each one.

A lot of the fungi have interesting facts connected with them. There is the Candle Snuff fungus which looks like a candle wick snuffed out, and the Dryad’s Saddle fungus – so-called because a Greek mythological creature called a Dryad might conceivably sit upon it.
To see photos of these and other fungi that we discovered, watch the slideshow here. The complete species list we compiled is available here.

Joe, 17/11/08

New dental practice opens in Twerton

An NHS dental practice has recently opened in St Michael’s Surgery, Walwyn Close, Twerton, and staff are putting out the message that they are up and running and taking on patients.
The practice is owned by ADP (Associated Dental Practices) which also has a surgery in Oldfield Park.
The Twerton practice can provide NHS dental treatment for up to 5000 people. It will be open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 1pm and 2pm and 5pm, and on Friday from 8.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 4pm.
If you want an application pack, you can get one by telephoning 01225 339882 or by calling in at Oldfield Park Surgery, 45 Upper Oldfield Park.

Joe, 13/11/08

The BTCV restoring Twerton grassland

On Saturday, a charitable organisation called the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) arrived in Twerton, to begin the restoration of the limestone grassland at Carrs Woodland.

The work took place in the meadow below Pennyquick View.
Over the years the meadow has been neglected and has filled with brambles.
The BTCV intend to come each year and hack away at the scrub, so that grasses will gradually return to the bits of ground that have been covered over.
The group likes to use traditional tools such as shears and forks instead of electric or petrol driven machinery.
The same stretch of meadow is where an endangered species called the Dotted Beefly is found.
You can see a video of an earlier search to find the Dotted Beefly in the meadow at Carrs Woodland here.

Joe, 10/11/08

Quiz Night at the Belvoir Castle

The Belvoir Castle opened in 1850 and has long associations with Twerton and Westmoreland (East Twerton).
It would have been a stopping place for local men employed at the Stothert and Pitt engineering firm. Behind the pub lies the ground where Bath City Football Club originally played until 1919.
Efforts to generate support and revenue for the Belvoir to keep it from closing, have included a series of Quiz Nights organised by community activist June Player.
The one that I attended had about forty to fifty people turn up. Everyone pays £2, fifty percent of the pot goes to the winning team, the second team gets a tenner, and the rest goes to the Bath Cats and Dogs charity.
Max the dog plays a starring role in welcoming people to the event, and there is an interval half way through when you can get a cheese or ham roll. Martyn from Widcombe who is a regular at the quizzes said: “The Belvoir Castle is a very individualistic pub that should be supported.”

Joe, 10/11/08

Bonfire Night at Bath City Farm

There was an enjoyable night at Bath City Farm this week, when the farm organised a bonfire celebration and viewing of the firework displays over Bath.
The farm doesn’t have its own firework display in case it frightens the animals. Instead, a bonfire is lit to coincide with the display at the Rec which you can see across the city from the farm.

The fire started well but then looked like it was going to fizzle out, until some men got a few hay bales and started working them into it.
Sizzling away on the barbecue were some good quality sausages and burgers. They tasted great with plenty of mustard and red sauce.

Joe, 05/11/08


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