News in November, 2009

Frustration for Bath City in FA Cup

An unlucky 2-1 defeat to Forest Green Rovers knocked Bath City out of the cup over the weekend.

Watched at Twerton Park by a crowd of more than 3000 fans, City were easily a match for their opponents who play in the Blue Square Premier League – a league above us.
In the first half, Forest Green scored when an ambitious long range shot at goal bounced off City player Chris Holland and into the net. But nearing the half time whistle, Lewis Hogg levelled the score by powerfully heading in a well struck cross by Sekani Simpson. This was a superb goal.
Early in the second half, City were caught off guard when Preece was given opportunity to head home Platt’s corner.
The City players created openings to score again with attacking play, but somehow struggled to make the most of their chances. This was a shame as the game had been enjoyable to watch throughout.
I made a video clip of Lewis Hogg’s goal which you can see here.

Joe, 29/11/09

Local anger over the number 5 bus

Local people have established a Facebook group to vent their feelings about the number 5 bus service that covers Twerton and Whiteway.
If you are on Facebook, you can join the group here. Below are some of the comments that people have posted:

“Every day it’s between 30 and 45 minutes wait for the bus. I work at the end of the London Road… I have to leave an hour and a half before work because of the 5!”

“If you need to be anywhere at a certain time, you can’t rely on them. May as well get a taxi – it will only cost on average a quid or so more than a return anyway!”


“One driver was trying to make me and my kids throw our drinks on the pavement, cos there was no bin and we weren’t allowed them on the bus.”


“I have waited up till an hour for a number 5 before… also I have seen 3 buses at once go up to Mount Road way… It’s not fair to keep us waiting, especially now the colder weather is coming, and what about the people that need to get to work or get their kids to and from school?”

Earlier this year, Councillor Tim Ball emailed his concerns over the number 5 service to First Bus and got a reply.
However, the situation does not seem to have improved at all. This month Tim wrote on his blog: “Come on First Bus, get your house in order. People are fed up with you not running a service that we need here in Twerton.”

Joe, 26/11/09

Don’t ignore the Urban Extension

The Council is required by the Government to build thousands of extra houses as part of the Regional Spatial Strategy – a plan for South West England. About 2000 houses are to be built at Bath and the main proposed spots for the build are land west of Twerton and at Odd Down.
The Council is recommending that most of the 2000 houses be built to the west of Twerton (with Odd Down as a second option). The picture below shows the land near Twerton where the new homes would be built. Obviously this development could have an impact on Twerton, Whiteway and Southdown, so now is the time to give your views.

Telephone 01225 477548 or email to have your say.
You can also attend the presentation to the Better Bath Forum at St Michael’s Church in Broad Street, on Thursday 3rd December from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
In one document, the Council discusses problems that building near Twerton would pose to the Newton St Loe community and its conservation area, and to Bath’s status as a World Heritage Site.
But it doesn’t mention problems that the development could pose to the Twerton community (BANES Core Strategy Spatial Options Consultation 2009, p. 110).
Such problems may include increased traffic along Newton Road (where there is a school and two pre-school facilities) and through Twerton High Street. Also, increased traffic on the Whiteway Road which is regularly identified as a dangerous road in the Southdown PACT meetings. If new infrastructures (e.g. schools, or a GP surgery) are not built to accompany the housing development, local services could come under strain.

Joe, 24/11/09

Bits and pieces, 23rd November


Twerton Chippy

The festive season is definitely upon us and I took this photo of Twerton Chippy as I walked past last night. I think we’ve probably got the best decorated chippy in Bath.
Did you know that the Twerton Chippy has a scheme where some customers donate second hand books, and other customers buy them by putting money in a collection tin for Childline?


Winter Fete

A Winter Fete will be held at Rose Cottage, Twerton High Street, on Thursday 10th December from 2.30pm to 5pm. There will be soup, rolls and homemade cakes, and you can meet the art student who will be running an art project for the Bath Foyer health programme. Manicures and hand massage will be on offer too.

Beer and carols

St Michael’s Church will be enjoying an evening of Beer and Carols at The White Horse Pub, Shophouse Road, on Tuesday 22nd December from 7pm onwards. The pub will be laying on mince pies and mulled wine, and people of all ages are welcome to join in.

Free insulation

Keep your house warm and save money on your electricity bill by receiving free loft and cavity wall insulation. The trial cavity and loft insulation scheme is open to all residents of Bath and North East Somerset, on a first come first served basis. It is open both to home owners and tenants.
Where cavity wall and loft insulation is not an option, a different type of insulation is available to households that spend 10 percent or more of their income to keep warm at home. To find out more about both schemes, phone 0800 512012 or email

Joe, 23/11/09

Twerton PACT, 12th November

Twerton’s latest PACT meeting was held at St Michael’s Junior School last week. Here is a brief summary of that meeting.
On the issue of mini motorbikes being driven around Redland Park, PC Adrian Secker said that he had spoken to a couple of individuals and their bikes were no longer on the road. The problem appears to have died down.
Somer Housing hopes to get a planning application approved to demolish Pennyquick View and build new homes soon. Hopefully the demolition will begin 6 weeks from the end of November.
A local man criticised the long time interval between the relocation of Pennyquick View residents and the demolition. There had been problems with vandalism, rats, and the raiding of building materials from the empty houses – which had “brought everyone’s head down”.
New priorities that were raised and voted for were: 1) Antisocial behaviour at the Pennyquick Park play area; 2) Leaf clearing; 3) Revamp of the Redland Park play area.

Joe, 16/11/09


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