News in October 2008, part 1

Southdown PACT, 15th October

Southdown’s latest PACT meeting was held at Southdown Junior School. It began with an overview of what progress had been made over the priorities raised at the previous PACT.
One priority had been the problem with students of the Bath Spa University Annexe at Culverhay School, parking on pavements at Englishcombe Lane and using up parking spaces in surrounding roads.
Councillor Paul Crossley reported that the students have been given bus timetables to encourage them to use public transport. An agreement has been reached whereby students can use the Jubilee Inn car park in daytime, and the university will spread classes more evenly so that there are fewer students on any one day.
Another issue had been with the bus stop at Hillcrest Drive, where buses stop and wait when ahead of their schedule. The bus company plans to make a bus stop at Sladebrook Road their ‘waiting stop’ as there is less conflict of traffic here.
In answer to the problem of speeding vehicles it was proposed that a Community Speedwatch be implemented. This would involve local volunteers being trained to use equipment such as speed guns to record offending motorists.


Neighbourhood Watch Manager Trevor Wilmot typing up the meeting’s priorities, with PCSO Paul Spreadbury

Councillor Crossley said that a new project to build community cohesion in Whiteway is being put together. Meanwhile, the free Boxing Club at the Southside Centre has been hugely successful with youngsters.
PC Mark Brain said that police have given warnings and issued tickets to motorists parking illegally outside of the Southdown schools and will continue to do so. Police had also tackled a number of burgulars, with some of them now looking at a stretch in prison. There have been some significant drugs arrests locally as well.
Then residents at the meeting were asked what further issues could be tackled in Southdown and Whiteway. It was mentioned that heavy goods vehicles were causing a disturbance in Southdown Road.
Other people said that a low-bottomed slide should be installed at Roundhill Park, and that lighting at Wedmore Park was in need of attention.
Issues that had been stated by elderly people getting their flu jab at the clinic were added to the list. These individuals had identified problems with overgrown hedges and motorists parking across steps at Haycombe Drive, faded Keep Clear signs at Blagdon Park, and a seat at Blagdon Park being used by people who were causing a nuisance.
Then we voted for which issues should be acted upon. These turned out to be: 1) Replace the slide at Roundhill Park; 2) Fix the lighting at Wedmore Park and relocate the seat at Blagdon Park; 3) Heavy vehicle disturbances at Southdown Road.

Joe, 16/10/08

Shaw Trust holds session at Twerton Village Hall

A national charity called the Shaw Trust used Twerton Village Hall to advertise its work on Tuesday.
The Trust works with employers, social services and the disabled to help people with disabilities find employment. The event was led by Clare Gray who is the county’s Lead Officer for Shaw Trust services.
One option that the charity makes disabled people aware of, is the Direct Payment Service. If someone is entitled to home care from social services, they can have it in the form of a direct payment, which can then be used to employ help from a different agency such as a friend or family member.

Joe, 16/10/08

Marathon organ recital in Twerton

Last Saturday, Mr Peter Little of Twerton presided at the organ in St Michael’s Church for about 3 hours, playing pieces of music from Bach to Boellmann, plus a lot more – including one of his own compositions.
Starting at 10am, the organ playing was sponsored by people who go to St Michael’s Church, with proceeds to be sent to their missionary Bernard Mambwe in Zambia.
St Michael’s Church uses traditional and contemporary styles of music in worship. Favourite old hymns are usually played by organ, while modern pieces are accompanied by guitars, drums, keyboard, and sometimes even beatboxing.

Joe, 01/10/08


It’s been a couple of weeks since I last heard about the new drop-in centre called The Point. I hope it’s going well. Here is the current timetable of agencies that will be around to give advice at the centre for 2008 and 2009.

At Culverhay School – 3pm to 5pm

Family Information Service (info on children’s services) – 22nd October, 11th February 09, 20th May 09.
Christians Against Poverty (debt advice) – 8th October, 5th November, 3rd December, 14th January 09, 25th February 09, 25th March 09, 22nd April 09, 3rd of June 09, 1st July 09.
Health Trainer – 17th December.

At Southdown Methodist Centre – 10am to 12 noon

Family Information Service (info on children’s services) – 10th December, 1st April 09.
Health Trainer – 15th October, 12th December.
Age Concern – every Thursday.

Joe, 01/10/08


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