News in September 2013

Local people raise funds for children’s hospital

On Saturday, residents of Twerton and Whiteway were dyeing their hair in fun colours, while some of the men were having the hair on their chests and legs waxed away!
This sponsored activity was organised by Whiteway resident Stacey Tucker-Brown to raise funds for the Bristol Children’s Hospital, as part of the Wallace and Grommit Grand Appeal. Held at Bath City Football Club, the event was accompanied by a range of excellent stalls, a nail art table and a barbecue.
A soft toy stall was run by Vicky who works at the Mount Road Co-op, while another local lady named April put together an attractive bric-a-brac stall. The team were encouraged by all the people who came to support the occasion and they are already talking about planning more such events.

From left to right: Cordelle, Mark and Toni having their hair dyed

There has been an exciting increase in residents organising community and charity events in the area, but many people are still not aware of the resources that are available to help them do this.
The social landlord, Curo, can provide Community Grants to help with the costs of running an event.
There is also a fund called Southdown Community First, which residents can apply to if they have a project idea for Southdown or Whiteway (but not Twerton). For information about this fund, phone Paul Pennycook on 01225 477290.

Joe, 29/09/13

Young people bring cup cake making to Twerton

Cup cake making is one of a range of new activities that young people aged 16 to 25 are bringing to the Twerton area.
The first session took place in the Time Bank at Twerton High Street today, involving the use of icing, frosting, stencils, decorations and plenty of chocolate.
A local resident named Crystal who is in her twenties organised the activity. Crystal says: “Cup cakes are so expensive if you go out and buy a single one. But here you can say ‘I made that one.'”
Other people in the group are Debbie and Sophie (pictured below) who feel that cup cake making is fashionable and fun. It also has the advantage that you get to eat what you have made!

Cup cake making will continue on Thursdays at the Time Bank until November. The activity is available only to Time Bank members, but anyone can sign up as a member on the day with no obligations.
Pamper sessions will be coming shortly on Monday evenings, with the opportunity to learn simple haircutting techniques and practice creative nail art as well as other activities.
Recently the Time Bank held a Fun Day at Redland Park, where members demonstrated some of the activities they can do. This all proved hugely popular with the young people of Twerton.
For more information phone the Time Bank on 01225 442813.

Joe, 27/09/13

Pirate celebrations at The White Horse

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was celebrated with plenty of raucous speech and spirited antics at The White Horse Pub on Thursday.
The Twerton pub, which has been holding this annual event since 2009, uses fancy dress, decorations and folk music to bring the pirate theme to Bath while hundreds of other worldwide sites hold similar celebrations.

By the afternoon a crew of pirates had assembled at The White Horse, with more turning up later on. Some of the recorded music was quite loud but as one local commented, “It always is on Pirate Day”.
Then a few of the pub’s regular live musicians, Gem, Frank and Chris, led the pirate and folk songs. A YouTube video which captures the fun mood of the event can be seen here.
The White Horse Pub has an Open Mic Night every third Wednesday of the month for musicians who enjoy playing live.

Joe, 22/09/13

Children enjoy Messy Harvest at Southdown Methodist Centre

Some families in Southdown and Whiteway have been getting involved with the children’s activities that take place at Southdown Methodist Centre on Sunday afternoons.

Called Messy Church, these play sessions take place on the second Sunday of the month and start at 4pm, although people can come in when they like.
Today the theme was Messy Harvest, so the children were doing vegetable printing, bread making and seed pictures.
There is an informal church service which lasts about 15 minutes, when the grown ups talk to the children about what they have been doing. This is followed by an afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and fruit.
Alison Mares (pictured opposite) who helps to run the activities says: “The children have a really fun time and we let them to go on the rampage a bit at the beginning.”
Everything in Messy Church is completely free and it gives families something to do on a Sunday. The activities are suited to children of pre-school and primary school age.
Southdown Methodist Centre is located at the top of The Hollow and also has a popular Toddler Group which runs on a Wednesday morning.

Joe, 15/09/13

Whiteway mum shaves her hair in aid of Cancer Research UK

A brave local mum has shaved her hair to raise funds for cancer research. Rae Curtis who lives in Whiteway, resolved to hold this charity event after losing a son to cancer earlier in the year.
So on Friday 13th September, a special occasion was held at The Centurion Pub, to celebrate Rae’s fiftieth birthday and at the same time perform the hair shaving in aid of Cancer Research UK. This was a moving occasion with friends and family giving support while the hairdresser carefully cut Rae’s hair.

More than £800 pounds in donations has already come in via the Just Giving web page (click here). It would be nice to bring the total to over a thousand pounds, so please donate if you can.
The cut hair is to be donated to the Little Princess Trust. This charity provides real-hair wigs to boys and girls who lose their own hair as a result of cancer treatments.

Joe, 13/09/13

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

A Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is to be held on Friday 27th September in The Hut, at Newton Road in Twerton, from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Zoe Streicher and Mel Hobbs who are hosting the event, say:
“Everyone is welcome, come along and meet friends old and new. Have a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and homemade cake (or two). Please support this very worthy cause, as none of us know when we might need the services of Macmillan.”

Joe, 12/09/13

News bits and pieces, 7th September


New after school sessions

Bath City Farm are running two after school sessions per week. These are for young people living within half a mile of the farm and will feature animal care, farm projects, rope swings, camp fires, arts and crafts and much more.
There is a Monday session for 5 to 11 year-olds and a Tuesday session for 11 to 16 year-olds. Both run from 4pm to 5.30pm.

Communities and Nature

The Avon Wildlife Trust has recently started a new project called Communities and Nature. One of the areas that they will be working in is Twerton. The project aims to increase residents’ connection to their local green space and the nature that lives in it, improving their social skills and self confidence.
The Trust is able to work with a broad range of community organisations and support groups for vulnerable people.

Council to debate toilet closures

A petition against the planned closure of a number of public toilets, has prompted the Council to debate whether these toilets should be shut down.
The debate will take place on Thursday 12th September at 6.30pm in the Guildhall. You can listen in the public gallery. Hundreds of local residents signed the petition during the demonstration that was held at Twerton in August.
For more information phone Lin Patterson on 01225 311163. To download a poster about the debate, click here.

Joe, 07/09/13


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