Twerton is a charming little suburb of Bath, Somerset, located to the southwest of the town, and known for its beautiful country homes. Twerton has a population of about five hundred, making it a popular place to live. Many celebrities have called Twerton home, including author Aldous Huxley, who had a small home here. It was later sold to John Bleecker, who became one of the biggest real estate developers in Bath and Somerset. There are many luxury homes in Twerton that can be viewed in pictures and on television.

Most people travel to Twerton from London, but if you come from the south of England or surrounding areas, there are options for accommodation close by, as well. One of the popular trips to make is to Bath and Twornia, a popular leisure destination in the South West. This area is full of old architecture, famous for its baths and its countryside. You can get to Twerton through a bus service or by driving a short distance in a car, which is very convenient for visitors. There are a number of state parks and camping sites around this region, which offer a family-friendly environment for weekends and longer vacations. A good number of these campsites are within walking distance of Twerton, so families can explore and settle in this lovely region without having to spend much time.

The Twentonshire countryside

The Twentonshire countryside offers some beautiful landscapes, so if you come during the summer, you can enjoy a nice, relaxing day walking in the open fields. In winter, there are plenty of places to go for the perfect outdoor night out. Most tourists and families choose somewhere in between, such as Twickenham in South East England or Warfield in Warfield, Somerset. Twerton itself is only about a three mile drive from many of these places, but there are other options in the surrounding area.

There are plenty of caravan parks in Twerton and it is possible to book one in advance if you want to avoid booking online. This is one of the main attractions of Twerton, as it has something for everyone. You will find everything from country houses and quaint bed and breakfasts to modern apartments and fantastic, upmarket bed and breakfast type accommodation. There are many different types of accommodation, from self-catering cottages through to luxury lodges. If you prefer, you can also stay in a farmhouse in the countryside.

Visit Twerton

If you have already booked online and are looking for somewhere to eat, there are a number of excellent restaurants in Twerton and many people go to this town for their shopping. There are a number of excellent food stores in the area, along with high street stores and department stores. There is no shortage of shopping in Twerton, and plenty of local independent stores. Some people who live on the outskirts of Twerton visit regularly because they can find some amazing bargains on the high street.

Twerton Parish registers and Avon census records dating back to the seventeenth century show that it was a thriving agricultural village until the mid-nineteen hundreds. Around this time the first public houses began to appear, which led to development of new roads in and around the area. The market towns of Twickenham and Looe, were known as “the village of gold”. Many farmers settled in these areas, along with fishermen, coal miners, artisans, mill owners and many others. Over time, many of these people left their villages and established houses in Twerton and other parts of Somerset.

Twerton accommodations

Over the years Twerton gradually developed into a popular holiday resort and a town with a reputation for being particularly pleasant. In recent years Twerton has developed into a top bed and breakfast accommodation type of destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. You can choose from a wide range of accommodations, depending on what your budget is. Many offer everything from self catering apartments and houses to luxury hotels and serviced apartments. It’s possible to find somewhere suitable for all budgets.

Today Twerton it is an excellent place to visit, especially if you are looking for a historical experience. If you prefer a more peaceful experience then consider visiting nearby Wells, which is only around a three hour drive away. Wells is also a good destination for those who like the style of rural life that Twerton offers. It is just two hours away from London and is one of the top bed and breakfasts in England. The nearby towns of Market Harborough, Biddestone and Chippenham are all popular for year round stay and for short breaks during the summer months.