Whiteway Golden-Oldies

In March 2008 I attended the Golden-Oldies session at Blagdon Park, Whiteway, to write an article about this new type of activity. Golden-Oldies groups are set up to help older people feel less isolated, by giving them a fun time singing hit songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The groups are the brainchild of local choirmaster Grenville Jones, who noticed the effect that music and singing had on the elderly, when a TV documentary brought some pensioners together to form the band called The Zimmers.

The Blagdon Park Golden-Oldies group was the first to be established, and has attracted attention from Canadian and German film crews following reports from the BBC and ITV. Here are some notes that I made when I visited the group.

The session takes place in a small but cosy community room, mainly serving the elderly people who live at Blagdon Park. Some individuals come from further afield and a party from Odd Down